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Pretty rancid mood today. I think mostly it's because I'm overtired. I slept in my brand new bedroom last night and it did not go as smoothly as I wanted it to.
Because I'm obsessed with creating the perfect work space, I again rearranged and organized this weekend. Going so far as to switch the craft room with my bedroom. Instead of the bedroom having a computer in it, a TV, DVD and PlayStation, etc., the bedroom is now strictly a bedroom. Peace at last. The art and craft supplies, computer, spare TV, etc. are now in the other room. I literally spent the entire weekend moving the two rooms back and forth, and all the cleaning and organizing that comes with it.
But I couldn't sleep in my new room. I could not for the life of me settle down. I'm certainly paying for it today.

I didn't get much done this weeknd other than that. I have another pair of fingerless mittens just about completed. These ones are tighter (much better fitted to my small wrists) and go almost as high as my elbows which, in my opinion, is pretty hot. They make me feel like a rock star. I have started once again on the Sugar N' Cream dish cloths, and this time I'm doing it the way it should be done: with a much smaller hook (J). It is, of course, much more time consuming (why am I all id and in need of instant gratification? That's really why I don't use smaller hooks...I hate how long it takes me to make something, as I am inherently impatient). But I think in the end it's going to be fantastic. And I also started a handbag/purse. I'm using Caron's "Felt-It" because it was wickedly on sale and so cheap. I'm using a P-sized hook on that baby which I hope isn't too large. I think it will be fine once it is felted. I don't plan on lining it. I really need to decide what I want to do for handles though. I have two ideas in mind. And of course I'm not working from a pattern because that would just be way too smart. I have actually never looked at a pattern. I love trying to figure things out on my own. Mostly I'm probably just stubborn though and stuck in my need to reinvent the wheel each and every time.

I'm so tired!


Deneen said...
Monday, 26 February, 2007

I use an H or I for dishcloths and a K, at the most for felted items, although the Felt-It is bulky though and I can't wait to see pictures.

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