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Yesterday I ordered two books from and I'm anxiously awaiting their estimated arrival of March 7th. We have:

I know, I know. Sigh. I couldn't resist the Stitch N Bitch Book. I'm expecting it to be horrible. But I couldn't stop myself. It was like when I was 13 and I would sneak into "Book Corner" next to the grocery store and buy copies of Teen Beat Magazine so I could tear out the poster sized images of Cory Haim and Kirk Cameron and hang them in my closet so none of my friends would see them. I was compelled to have these things, for no good reason other than because the magazine company told me I should have them. Was the gossip even true? No. Were the photos good ones? Not in the least. So this, too, is probably garbage. This book, this author, she seems so cliche. Let's hope I'm pleasantly surprised. I just have this notion that all the "must haves" are have-nots for me.
I'm kind of excited about Donna Kooler's book though. Specifically, I was pleased with what people had to say about the number of stitches it "teaches" you, and the good information on different kinds of yarns it provides. I feel like I have so, so much to learn and I think this will be helpful. And really if the reviews are a pretty good indication, I should be happy with it. I have a DVD called Crochet Stitches in Motion which I'm fond of. Specifically, it has your most basic stitches in review format and you can watch them over and over again if you forget how to do something. Then it goes into more advanced things like the pineapple stitch, lacey stuff, some brick-looking patterns, etc. Pretty useful and very easy to learn from this. My problem is, I am so content on one hand with my single crochet that I don't yet have the itch to slow myself down, stop working on projects, and learn new stuff. I really need to start though. I've kind of been thinking that it will be my goal this weekend.


Deneen said...
Wednesday, 28 February, 2007

I have both those books and believe it or not, the Stitch and Bitch one is full of useful, easy to understand info and even if you don't like the patterns (yes, I have made a few of them), the book is great for reference-fear not.

The "Crochet Answer Book" is always a terrific reference book-I bought it off eBay for something like $8.00-wonderful, I swear.

Email me (yarnsandmusings(at) and i will send ya the errata sheet for the Happy Hooker book (it used to be online, isn't anymore)-yes, shocking as it may seem, there were some errors in the patterns-gasp)

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