Color Me Finished

Fingerless mittens are the most wonderful thing ever. I can't even tell you how much they tickle my soul. I made a pair of these in about 2 hours which, I thought, was pretty quick. I didn't put a whole ton of effort into them (I usually don't the first time I make something, especially when I don't have a pattern and it's essentially a prototype). But I do love how they came out, so I'm going to spend some more time tonight making myself a nice long pair. It's like leg warmers for the arms. With a place for my thumb. I love them.

Here's a bad, bad photo of a gray and purple scarf I made for Sara. Like every scarf I make for her, it's pretty crooked. What's funny is that I haven't made a crooked scarf in over a year. But as soon as it's for Sara something just won't allow it to be straight.

This, like the fingerless mittens, was a practice-y prototype of a dish rag. It's shown here folded in half. After I made it I decided that I didn't want to wash dishes with it, I wanted to wash myself with it. So, I hung it in the bathroom.

The problem with it is that I used an obnoxiously large hook. So the stitches are just huge. Needs a nice tight pattern. Looks like a do-over is in order.

And finally phase 2 of the birdhouse. First I gesso'd it because I *thought* at the time I was going to be laying down paints and glazes. But I think I may have changed my mind. Here's the first layer of collage, just around the edges.


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