Coming Attractions

I know I'm highly obsessive compulsive but I really can't help it. I live for organization. And more often than not the process of getting there is a great deal of fun for me. So my project for this weekend is to move all of my craft supplies, my desk, etc. into the other bedroom in the apartment where it will sit next to the computer (and beneath the window no less, so I can look at the birds in the trees rather than the blank wall). I will then have one bedroom where all of the computer, craft, art, yarn, etc. stuff is located. The goal is to make this a creative retreat that I adore and always want to be a part of. The other goal is to turn my bedroom into a zen oasis. Maybe Zen isn't the right word, but I am really hoping to turn it into a lovely sanctuary where one can relax and sleep.

One of the reasons I am doing this is because I have a tendency to get crafter's block. Though I love my desk I don't like where it is located so I rarely sit at it. How can I work that way? The other reason is that I cannot sleep lately. I've read far too many times that one of the things to do when you have insomnia is to turn your bedroom into the place where all you do is sleep. No TV, no computer, just sleep. So hopefully I'll accomplish both of my goals. I'm not going to move anything until Sunday. I plan on cleaning out the closets and switching them around tonight though to get a head start. :)


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