Grams and my WIPs

I've been wanting to share with everyone a wonderful gift my mother gave me. But it's hard for me to talk about. And I don't have photos yet. But I'm impatient and want to share.
My Grandma passed away at age 90 last December. It was so sad for me, and I'm still feeling upset about it. 2 weeks ago when I was having dinner with her and my Dad, Mom asked me if I wanted to have Grandma's yarn bag. Of course I said yes, it is both practical and sentimental. So she brings it out and it's this cute little canvas tote bag with a cheesy landscape scene painted on it. It's lovely and Grandma-ish and I adore it. Inside were 2 balls of a cotton yarn, probably Sugar n Cream by the looks of it, in yellow and white. There was also a mint green project she was working on, but I'm not sure what it was. Something for a baby I'm guessing. I don't know if I will finish it into something or just hold onto as it. I can't decide, and right now I don't have the heart to touch it. And lastly, which I'm so excited for, were all of her old hooks, stitch markers, etc. I am still speechless at it all. It's overwhelming. There must be 20 hooks in there at least. Most of them are metal Boye hooks and most of them are old, old, because they have the prices engraved on them and they're about 15-35 cents per hook. The hooks were all in a ziploc bag. I want to display them but I'm not sure how. In a little quilted hook bag/holder/thing? In one of her antique mason jars on top of my desk? I'm not sure. But it tickles my soul to have them.

And for my WIPs. Not much progress. I'm slowing down these days. I want to get moving and create more and more and more, but I'm so busy with other things it seems. I'm not sure when I will finish my 2nd pair of fingerless gloves (almost done), my dish cloth and my purse. I hope to have them all done by the end of the weekend, but we'll see.

Oh, and I slept better last night thankfully. I climbed into bed at 10:30 which is pretty early for me. I was instantly tired and went right to bed. Usually I'll climb into bed at 9 or so and watch some TV. But now I can't, so I climb under the covers and just sleep. Bliss.


Deneen said...
Tuesday, 27 February, 2007

I inherited my MIL's knitting stuff-lots of aluminum needles, Sugar and Cream yarn and handwritten dishcloth patterns. I used all the cotton-saved all the needles and patterns for "someday"

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