i need this

i used to have a blog here a year ago or so, but i've neglected it horribly once i started getting into myspace. for the past few weeks i've really felt it was time to get back into blogging. mostly, i need a place to unload.

the old blog had photos of a lot of handmade cards and atcs i had made during the winter and spring months of 2006. i've since moved on from those endeavors. while i still create the occassional atc for swaps i'm involved in, it's been a long time since i have scrapbooked, made greeting cards, etc. i've moved more into altered arts and collage, and have rekindled my obsession with crochet. i can't say i'm exactly pro at anything right now. the altered arts are fairly new to me. i feel like my "skill" (or lack there of) is a bit elementary, but it seems to grow with each item i make. i can't seem to stop altering things.

and with crochet, well, i'm certainly not pro at that even though i've been doing it now for about 18 years. when i was about 1o the elderly woman who lived next door to me taught me how to chain (i used to only make a single chain that i'd make into friendship bracelets), and single crochet. i've been making things here and there ever since. lately though, perhaps since the beginning of 2007, i've been obsessed with yarn and with crochet. i can't seem to stop my hands from moving, and i'm really only happy when i'm crocheting. perhaps this is a problem that is far deeper than a fondness for crocheting, but we'll deal with that much later. anyhow, it occurred to me as of late that i don't know how to crochet. sure i've made hats and scarves and bags/pouches in the past, but i haven't even been doing single crochet. i thought i was until i saw what single crochet looked like, and realized i was only yarning over once instead of twice. so i was doing a partial attempt at single crochet. i've since corrected that problem and i'm pleased to say that i really do single crochet now. i've also learned to read patterns now, and understand them and what they are trying to say. it will be interesting to see my progression in the coming months.

i should probably post some photos but i'm just not in the mood i don't think. perhaps this week or coming weekend.


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