Well It's About Time

First off, my Jeep is back. I picked it up on Wednesday afternoon around 3. Brand new engine. They put about 70 miles on it driving it here and there and everywhere, making sure everything was fine. The service department, and the manager especially, was just beside himself over everything. I'd have to say that the level of customer service I received from there was just fantastic. They're really great guys. And to my utter happiness, the GM of the dealership emailed me this morning to get my authorization to change my contract from a 3 year/36,000 mile warrant to a 7 year/70,000 mile warranty. I wasn't sure he was going to fight for me, but he did and I'm really pleased.

What have I been doing? Last Saturday Mark and I went for a walk at Lake Massabesic. It was warm-ish that day so it was nice to cruise along the lake, in the woods. It's a huge lake. Here are 2 not so great photos, but it was overcast and everything is still brown and dead.

I free-formed a bath mit for myself. sc and hdc. I really love it. I worked in a spiral, which was a lot easier for me than doing anything in the round.

And I made 2 dish cloths.

Other than that, I haven't completed anything. Been working on a black scarf, a striped scarf, a multi-colored scarf and a shrug out of Paton's Divine. I don't know how I feel about a shrug out of this yarn though. I might feel like I'm wearing...I don't know...a muppet? I hope to have it done by Saturday for the art show I'm attending and, possibly, selling at. We always set up a merchandise table and a lot of people will sell little post cards of their paintings, jewelry they've made, etc. etc. I'm going to put out a few hats and scarves just to get rid of them. We start setting up the gallery tonight, which will be a job lasting until 2 or 3 in the morning I suspect, and the show is Saturday at 7. I'm bringing some munchies, but I'm not sure what just yet. I was thinking some tasty breads and dips and things of the like, but I need to figure out what exactly I'll do. I need some quick and easy appetizer type things to bring.
I've been in a nasty funk otherwise. I have decided that I am unhappy with most people and would rather just spend my time alone. How many people in the world would really go out on a limb for a friend? I feel like I'm one of those people, but I don't feel like I know many people like that. Sometimes the human condition saddens me. I find myself losing respect for people lately because no one really knows how to treat anyone well. Are we all just self-absorbed?

Bunch 'o Crap

What a miserable funk today. First off I can't keep my eyes open or my head up. I woke up feeling a little off, under the weather or something, and have been struggling since the drive in at 7 to keep my eyes open. It's that dramatic tiredness where my head keeps flopping around and I threaten to fall to sleep right here at my desk any second. Secondly, my head is pounding. Those two things just make for a bad day. But third? No calls yet from the dealership and I'm very anxious to get my damn Jeep back. They said "Maybe Monday" when they called last week, and that was if, "everything goes as planned," so who the hell knows what that means. I am not going to bother calling them. I don't trust the GM who I've been dealing with, but I do trust the service manager who is just beside himself over all of this, and I trust that he will call the second she's ready to come home.

I'm damn tired.

Have some pics but they're not up online yet. Still in my camera.

Dishcloth Mania

No pics yet. I've made 2 in 2 days. I can't stop. cannot.stop.

More Car Drama

Well I just spoke with the service manager, he called me to give me a heads up of what is going on.

Looks like the problem is that the engine block was not machined properly, so there is a bad seal between the block and the head. This caused the head gasket to blow. Which caused coolant to leak into the engine.

The solution is to replace the engine 100%. Brand new engine, brand new gaskets, etc. Everything brand new. This is as best of an option that I could ask for. I don't know much about cars, but my father said from the beginning that the only way he wants me to take this Jeep is if they put in a new engine. So this is good news, right?

Then why am I so frustrated? Oh I don't know, maybe because my brand new freaking car with 100 miles on it needs a new engine? This is just ridiculous and tiresome. It will be Monday at the earliest before I have it back.


Goodbye, engine. Goodbye.

Yep, at 100 miles, I had a faulty engine. That needs a decent amount of repair. So far they are able to determine that the head gasket is blown. They're taking the engine apart to make sure that's the only thing going on with it. I spent a great deal of time yesterday at the dealership, on the phone with my father (who came with me, since he knows a lot more about engines than I do and could argue for me), on the phone with the dealership, phoning in complaints to Chrysler Corporation, blah blah blah. I mean, when you buy a new car with 15 miles on it, you don't expect to drive it off the lot with a blown head gasket. Totally not acceptable. And if you do buy a new car and that happens, and you learn about it the NEXT DAY, don't you think you should be given a different vehicle, one that has a working engine? One that doesn't need to have the engine rebuilt when it only has 100 miles on it? I mean, that's what I figured. But I guess it doesn't work that way. Because then they would have to admit that they made a mistake. And they would have to actually be accomodating and understanding to my concerns. But they're not, of course. The dealership is, but without authorization of the Corporation, they can't do much of anything except what little they are authorized to do. They're not an independent dealership, they're essentially a franchise I guess of Daimler Chrysler. And according to Chrysler, there's really no problem here. The engine's under warranty so they're fixing it for free. They think that's enough. But it's not!

What happened yesterday was that I took the car in at 1. By 1:15 they had me come out to the service bay and show them where I put the coolant. When I showed them that yes, I did put it in the right place, he hung his head and said "that's not good." And proceeded to tell me that he hoped I had put it into the engine, but since I didn't it meant that coolant was leaking into the engine itself. He immediately said I am not to drive the vehicle because it's a safetey issue at this point, it could catch fire, have massive engine failure, etc.We talked to the salesman and the sales manager and told them flat out this car has 100 miles on it and I'm not going to buy a new car that needs a rebuilt engine. It's not my problem and I shouldn't have to deal with it. They sort of agreed, but then said it's not their choice, this is a GM's issue to deal with. They were nice and good guys, but ultimately they said they needed to wait until the service department properly diagnosed the issue and saw how extensive it was.

Later on, maybe a few hours later, they had the engine taken apart and saw that it was a head gasket that was blown. Nothing else was visibly wrong except for the head gasket. Which, for the record, should not be damaged at 100 miles. Anyhow, it was at this point that the GM was on the telephone with my father about it and about my options.I work for an attorney, who advised I rescind the sale and start over. The GM said that by law in NH I cannot rescind an auto sale unless the papers were signed in my home. So that option is out. Then my father told him we do not want this vehicle. At 100 miles it has serious engine faults, and it now will have a rebuilt engine. He said Chrysler Corporation will not give me a new Jeep. This is a warrantied part, they will fix the part, and they will return the vehicle to me. That this whole thing is one huge fluke occurance. That the factory buys head gaskets from x-y-z company, and that company happened to give them a defective head gasket, which happened to get into my vehicle, and while it does suck, it's a fixable problem. Good thing Dad was talking to him, because he kept pushing and pushing and the GM said what he thought he could do was to get Chrysler Corp. to greatly extend the life of the warranty.

Now, if they take my current 36,000 unlimited warranty and extend that to, say, anything above and beyond 50,000 miles, I will be happy. Dad obviously is pushing for something greater than that, a 75 or 100,000 mile warranty. The whole thing is that I want to keep this vehicle. I don't want to keep buying new vehicles. I worked my ass off for 10 years of my adult life to get to the point where I can afford a 4x4, greatly needed in these parts, on a vehicle that historically has kept its value very well. How many old Jeep Cherokees and Laredos do you see out there? A lot. I checked the Kelley Blue Book site to see what 5 and 6 year old Liberties are valued at (and at that age my car will be paid off), and to know that they're still vauled above $12,000 at that age is fantastic. So I hope to keep this car. A 100,000 mile warranty will suit my needs in that regard.I'm disheartened and frustrated though.

Like I said, it's a huge thing that I can afford my dream car. And I can, and I can even do so comfortably. All I need to do is make coffee at the office instead of purchasing it at Dunkin's each morning, and there's my extra gas, insurance and payment money. This car is a big deal to me. I'm really upset about the whole fiasco.I'm waiting to hear back from them. The mechanics were going to inspect every inch of that vehicle and be sure that the head gasket was the only problem. If that is the case, then I can pick her back up tomorrow if everything goes well.And I hate the Dodge Stratus I'm driving from the rental company. It's just not the car for me. I've been driving up quite a bit higher now for 4 years, so being so low to the ground feels unnerving to me. And the steering isn't great. Probably because it's a rental though and just abused by multiple drivers. Hopefully I can get rid of it tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Still Alive

I'm here, I've just been super busy.

Been getting tons of letters and calls from the dealer that sold me my PT Cruiser years ago. I only had 4 payments left on it. They kept calling, telling me they'd pay off the remainder of my car if I bought new. Daimler Chrysler, who also owns Jeep and Dodge, are hurting financially and they want to move cars quickly. Well, decided I'd go in and talk with them. I left with a new Jeep. 4 wheel drive. My dream! Since I've gotten my crap together and have been a good little girl with my money, I'm happy to say I can actually afford a 4 wheel drive car for New England winters. Granted I'm 28 and can't imagine affording a house and a family, but I'll deal with that in a year or two. :) Here's my new baby. She's so purdy.

The only problem is, she overheated not 15 miles after I left the lot. The Jeep had a total of 40 or so miles on it and it overheated. The coolant tank was dry and it took 3 quarts to fill it up. Argh. I was so pissed off at the dealership. How could they let this happen? I called and complained and let them know this was just not acceptable. Well, now 36 hours after that fiasco the coolant is down another quart. Looks like it's leaking. So at 1 they're taking a look at it. How irritating. Nothing can ever just go right for me, I swear! I know, woah is me. It just feels like even the good stuff can never really be that good, you know? Hopefully they can fix it today.

Here are a few projects I finished this weekend. Bernat Softee Chunkee scarf. All in half double. Yep, totally trying to avoid working on complicated things so I'm using up my stash by making scarves.

And my funny little hat and scarf. Not practical. Have no clue what to do with it. But it was fun and really it's totally cute. Won't keep me warm at all, but whatever.

Oh and I finished and felted the purse. Hated the stupid instructions Caron gave me on the yarn label. I felted in the washer just like it said to and nothing, no change, nothing. I did it like 3 times. Finally I just filled the sink with a little bit of soapy hot water, soaked it in there for a few minutes and just gently rubbed it together until it felted. This took me 3 minutes. So I guess machine felting is not for me. I hate this purse. Hate it. It will make a nice gift for my 13 year old niece perhaps. Isn't it ugly?

Alright, I have just under 4 hours left here and I have a lot to get done today so I need to get going.

March Nor'Easter and Checking In

Wednesday it was about 70 degrees and sunny outside and I had spring fever like you wouldn't believe. Today we're in for a nor'easter and expected to get 8 to 14 inches of snow. Does anyone else find this odd? I guess I should be used to it, because this is a pretty typical weather pattern for NH in the springtime.

Started a scarf last night and within an hour I was half way done with it. What a great scarf it is. Not really all that practical for cold weather since it is so lacey, but it's lovely looking. I used Lion Jiffy, which I really love, in a bright red (I frogged the bright red beginning of a scarf I posted the other day). I'm trying to practice my math and my logic in terms of different stitches and patterns, i.e. how many chains to make at an end of a row to maintain the right height of a particular stitch, how many chains to skip at the beginning of the row, how long the foundation chain needs to be in order have it come out right, etc. I'm at a point where I can follow a pattern alright, but I don't ever really sit there and think, "why did they have me skip 2 st here?" and things like that. The math of it isn't quite sinking in just yet, and I would like it to (and fast). Maybe I'm a little slow on the uptake or something, but I find that if I figure something out on my own I tend to retain it and understand it better, so I decided I would figure out how crocheted pieces work in relation to number of stiches, etc. And quite frankly, I get it now. I feel confident that I could make something without use of a pattern and have it come out the way I want it to come out, with just a little bit of thought about how to create a particular shape. Learning is fun. So anyhow, I played around and did this, and though it's basic, it took some thought for me to figure out how long to make the foundation chain, etc.:

Foundation: Chain a multiple of 2 plus 3 (I did 13).
dc in 3rd st, ch 1, skip 1, dc, ch1, skip 1, etc. across the first row. ch 3 and turn.
From the second row on, dc in first space, ch 1, dc in next space, ch 1, etc until the end.
At the end of each row, ch 3 and turn.
Continue until you have your desired length.

Piece of cake. It's working up so nicely. Crazy fast. In an hour's time I should be done with it. And surprisingly, the edges look alright, not bumpy and nasty. Regardless, I may sc around the edges when I'm done, but I haven't yet decided.

I'm also still working on two other scarves all in hdc and a striped taupe and teal scarf all in sc. So I've got 4 scarves going right now and I hope to finish them up this weekend so I can move onto other things. I did frog that rose scarf I posted the other day. It really needs a much smaller hook than I was using and it seemed stupid to continue on.

I think I am going to continue to make scarves until my yarn supply is somewhat depleted. I have so, so many single skeins of yarn, or at most 2 skeins of the same yarn. Which is great, but it's not enough yarn to make, say, a blanket or a shawl or what have you (unless I do it out of different colored squares), but it's the perfect amount for making a scarf or a hat. So I would like to use a bunch of it up before I buy more. I have a huge plastic tote bin that I put all of my finished "unclaimed" items in when I'm done with them, and I will use that around Christmas time for gifts. I think right now I've got about 10 hats in the bucket and maybe 3 scarves or so. I am waiting for the American Cancer Society in my area to get back to me on the hats though because I'd like to donate them as chemo caps.

I'm coming to have a fondness for certain hook sizes and yarn weights. I still love myself a super bulky or bulky weight yarn, I can't deny that. I love the way it feels, I love the weight of it, I love how it seems to have this protective quality of a thick armor. I like a 100% wool yarn, but don't like a wool and acrylic blend. There are some yarns that are 100% acrylic, which I sort of shudder at, or at least used to shudder at, but I find that I really enjoy them. Bernat Softee Chunky is one of them. Talk about a really lovely, comfortable yarn for making a soft scarf. I cannot fathom a more comfy scarf. But to think it's acrylic just blows my mind. I also like working with boucle, which also surprises me because I used to scoff at them. But the finished products are soft and cozy and thick.

I will take a plastic hook over an aluminum one anyday. I'm finding that I'm more fond of an N hook than a P hook as far as large hooks go. But then, strangely, I really have to say that I love the S-hook (I think it's 19mm? It's huge!) with a super bulky yarn. Conversely, I have a real fondness for a J hook. I haven't used anything smaller than an H and I find that going that small is still hard for me. I think what it is is that I'm still learning, and therefore it's hard for me to see the stitches well. For instance, for a few weeks I've been trying to figure out where to properly put my hook when I'm working on something. They'll say front loop only, or back loop only, and I just can't really see it easily. When I work larger, I start to see things more clearly and I can identify what is what and where things need to be. And I also find that as I am learning and progressing and getting more knowledgable, I'm becoming much more comfortable with smaller hooks. So I suppose it will all balance out in time so long as I don't give up on it. But I can see myself spending more time with bulky yarns and larger hooks in the future because it is what I enjoy most. However, once I finally hit my LYS and come across better yarns in smaller weights, maybe that will change my mind. We'll see.


http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/shows/episode/0,2046,DIY_14255_45925,00.html has some really cool shrugs. Very simple, too.

How do I change my link so that I could have it read "Shrugs" and be a clickable link to that location? I have been using BBCode for so long that I don't remember how to do it in html. Sigh.

Feeling really down. Really stressed. Really sore. I've had a tension headache for over a week, and my stomach has been off since Saturday. I just all around feel like crap. Nothing seems to be helping.

I did get a bit of Spring fever this week though, and that was nice. Gotta love New England winters and springs. Yesterday it was 67 and beautiful (I went for a walk with no jacket and it was divine). Tomorrow night we're in for a nor'easter and should get between 6 and 18 inches of snow (supposedly we can narrow down our snowfall amounts tonight or tomorrow so we know for sure). Hoo-ray. Puke.

$7.00 Shawl

I finished the 4-skein Red Heart Light and Lofty shawl. Total cost was $7.00 even, which I certainly cannot complain about. I'm glad I did end up picking up the Light and Lofty when I saw it on sale. Wasn't sure what I would do with it, but I decided upon this:

I'm ultimately pleased with it. There are a few little spots along the edges where I would chain and turn that look messy, but I would say that every item I finish looks better than the last. The pattern was so easy. It's a free pattern on the Lion website, and it calls for 1 skein (480 yards) of Lion Romance. Well, I don't live in an area where I can easily find yarn and I need to hold off on online purchases for a bit until I've paid off my credit card bill completely. So, I substituted this yarn, and though it's bulkier I do like how it turned out. I won't wear this anywhere except sitting on the couch watching TV. I'm not a shawl person. But I like making them. So it doesn't bother me that, let's face it, the color isn't the most flattering. It's great for a little accessory, but I do think it's a bit much for a large item. But that's okay.
So yes, the pattern was a breeze (sc all the way). It was the second pattern I've followed and I'm building my confidence to a point where I think I can soon start more complicated patterns. I do take things slowly and cautiously. I'm very confident with sc and hdc. I'd like to become more confident with dc and tr, which just means I'd like to make a scarf or something easy with each of those stitches. At that point I'll tackle something a bit more complicated. There are a few things in The Happy Hooker book I'm interested in, and one sweater (that skull one) that my friend Justin wants me to make. Not sure I'm ready for that one yet, but someday.

Scarves Galore

Because I'm so easily bored I like to have a bunch of things going at any given time. So I started scarves when I would need a break from the shawl. These are all my practice attempt at hdc which, finally, I taught myself this weekend. I feel I'm pretty good at sc now, so I've moved onto hdc. Next weekend or whenever these scarves and the shawl are done, I'll go ahead and start on some dc scarves. I like making scarves for practice. They're big enough that I have a lot of practice, and they're easy because they're just one long rectangle. I have a hard time turning and making things look pretty so I'm working these all width-ways for added practice. I'll probably throw these in the gift bin (which is growing!) when I'm done.

This is my favorite. I got 3 balls of this color (Wink) and 3 of another colorway (browns and whites). It's Moda Dea Cache.

This sucks and I hate it but I will not frog it. I am trying to make a very lacy scarf for my niece. However, I think what I need to do is learn a more lacy stitch rather than doing hdc with a much too large hook. Lesson learned. But I still want to finish it. Or at least a swatch of it. I can see the stitches really well and sort of "get to know hdc" and its anatomy on this piece much better than anything else. So, in my learning quest maybe this is a good mistake to have made because things look all the more clear to me.

This is Bernat Softee Chunky. It's actually much browner than it shows up in the pic. I need to stop taking photos of stuff on my black kitchen table and from above. No good.

This is hideous. And blurry. This is Lion Jiffy. I love the yarn for things like Pet Beds and throws that my cats will lay on because it doesn't show a ton of cat hair and it does not show the mess they make on it when kneading it with their razor sharp little claws. And for a scarf it will be lovely I think. But this red? It's just bad. Too red. A deep red is okay, but this is a bright red and I just don't like it much.

And this one is sc and I'm enjoying it a lot. I need to start weaving in those ends sa I go, or else I will probably never finish it if I leave it for the end. Another really lacey, open stitch (i.e. yes I'm using a big hook so leave me alone). It's not that I am impatient, I'm also working on some dishcloths with a K hook, and I don't mind working smaller. But I really love the way it looks when I use a large hook. I promised myself though that after I finished my little learning excursion with hdc, dc and tc that I would stop all this large hook business and work with the hook size recommended by either the pattern or the yarn. I swear!


Well, I had the case of some serious crud all weekend. Friday night I ended up drinking some wine and getting a little tipsy, so when I woke up feeling sickly Saturday I figured I was hung over. Nausea, upset stomach, headache. Seems like a hangover. But then my body started aching and my throat got sore, so I figure I had some sort of flu or something. Other than running out Saturday afternoon to work for an hour, I spent the weekend either in bed in my PJs or on the couch in my PJs (or in the bathroom) crocheting and watching TV. Not feeling 100% but good enough to be at work today.
I started on a shawl. On a random Walmart trip a few weeks back I walked through the craft section and saw this bin of clearance yarn. In the bin was Red Heart Light and Lofty in Paprika, 5 skeins of it, for $8.75. It was a savings of about $2 per skein so I figured I'd grab the 5 they had left and do something with them *someday.* That someday ended up being this weekend. I hate how it photographed (do I always say that?), but I like it in person.

Yes, I know that hook is obnoxious. I only use it on super bulky weight yarns. Blah blah blah.

Anyhow, it's so easy. Ch 4, turn. 2 Sc in second st, sc in next st, 2 sc in last st. Ch 1 and turn. Keep on going with 2 sc in the first and last sts of each row until you've got 105 scs across. I'm at maybe 85 or 87, so I'm close to being done with the length. Then the edges need to be finished off somehow but I'm not sure how yet. I don't fully understand the pattern but I was reading it at midnight and half asleep, constantly blinking hard to make the text less blurry. I'm sure if I read it this evening I'll wonder what in the hell I didn't understand last night.

Retraining the Brain

Well, I've really enjoyed the Happy Hooker book so far. It far exceeds my expectations. And thank you Deneen for sending the error sheet to me for the patterns.

What is interesting in my search for knowledge and instruction is that I have done so many things wrong.

For instance, the only stitch I knew was essentially a slip stitch. I was chaining just fine, correctly, and then when I would start my 2nd row I was just going through the stitch, yarning over, and pulling all the loops over the hook. This was all I knew to do. So it was interesting to me to see how after doing this for half my life, and making what I considered to be cute hats and scarves, I really sucked!

The hard part for me now isn't learning stitches. It's easy now that I am following along in books and online. The hard part is that I also learned that I do things backwards. I don't know why, but I was, and it is such a difficult habit to break. I mean, damn near impossible. I was crocheting into the back loop only, okay for some patterns, but I was going from back to front instead of front to back. This is a huge problem. Everything I've seen and read shows a front to back progression. Insert the hook into the stitch from the front side. I did it always from the back side. Elementary, but it's a hard habit to break.

I also don't hold my hook properly, if there even is such a thing. Aesthetically, I don't care how I look when I am holding a hook, but it needs to work quickly and comfortably. The way I was doing it before, it felt fine and comfy and I was quick in my work. But working properly, it does not feel comfy, but holding it any other way feels alien to me. My hands will eventually find their own rhythm now that I am crocheting properly.

The last thing I learned, which I did learn from Debbie Stoller and I'm thankful for that, is where I should be inserting my hook in relation to each stitch. I always had a hard time with that whole front loop vs. back loop aspect. But when she put it in simple terms of the V and the butt, it's much easier. And I can see where my hook needs to go, and my God the stuff I'm crocheting is actually coming out the same way her photos look. So I'm quite pleased with the book.

That first row when you're working into the chain? It's very hard to do the right way compared to the wrong way. But when I do it the right way, I don't have those unsightly loops on one edge. Imagine that. It's nice to know I don't need to look at those ugly things, that it was an error on my part and not a flaw in crochet in general. Yep, I figured that crochet was flawed. Not me, no, no, it wasn't me, it was the craft! Haha.

Not quite as pleased with how difficult it is to break habits and retrain my brain and hands to crochet properly. It's such a process. I've been diligent though in learning to do things right. Not so diligent that I'll frog my current projects and start them over the right way. Afterall, the wrong way has worked for me for so long and with the exception of a few things, it ends up looking good (to someone who doesn't crochet especially). But I have made a 100% committment that from here on out, I do things correctly. I don't revert back to doing it the quick but incorrect way. It is slowing me down for sure, but I am guessing that after a month or so all my old habits will be mostly wiped out of my brain and I will be crocheting more in the advanced beginner category as opposed to hopeless-inventor-of-random-non-crochet-stitches.

Uh, I need help please!

Would one of you more advanced and more talented crochet goddesses please help me out? I am making a bag, not using a pattern, but it's going to be somewhat like this:
My question is, this pattern says to not make handles, to just cut slits in the front and back after it's been felted. (I accidentally typed sluts instead of slits and now I can't stop giggling). Well, does this seem right?? I was planning, and this could be way wrong, to get to a certain point and, say, chain 10 (number is irrelevant here) in my row where I want the handle opening to be, and skip 10 st, thereby leaving a big ol' hole. I figured once it's felted it would be fine. Probably shoddy if it wasn't going to be felted, but whatever. I had seen these bags but didn't know how the handles were made.
So what to do? Cut slits? Or try it my way?

Quickie Post

Just a quick post. So busy at work. Working 9 and 10 hour-ish days this week to try to catch up on stuff that I'm behind on and it's really killing me. I hope I catch up soon.

Here's a dish cloth I finished over the weekend. A bit to frilly for my tastes. I will find the pattern, it was a freebie from a fellow Blogger but the link is at home. I like it, except that I cannot imagine doing dishes with something this pretty? And ruffly? I have a few imperfections, but it was the first pattern I ever followed and I'll be damned...it actually looks pretty much like it's supposed to look. I used Grandma's cotton and I'll give it to my mother.

A scarf I'm working on for Mark. Like my yellow and brown one I made in January or February, it's got 6 different weights/styles of yarn. Sort of a bohemian scarf. Need one more row and we're done with this one. Not a huge fan of black and orange but he picked it out and he has to live with himself.

Another dish cloth. For Sara and Justin's new apartment. Wish I could make these faster. It's coming out nice though.

And the to-be-felted bag. Weird colors. Somedays I like it, other days I hate it. Will be interesting once it's felted. I don't work on this often so it's taking some time.

Finished this a week or so ago. Like the bag it is both ugly and pretty at the same time. I can see someone wearing this maybe once per year, on New Years Eve or Christmas Eve or something. Somedays I hate it, others it's nice. It's bizarre.

And I couldn't leave out Domino. Here he is waiting for me to throw my yarn onto the bed so he can "help" me.

Back to work I go.

Stuff and Things

I finally went through my Grandmother's yarn bag that I inherited a few weeks ago. And wouldn't you know I didn't photograph the bag itself because I wasn't really thinking clearly yesterday. Another post I suppose.

And you know, I didn't photograph the new room either. Idiot!

Inside the canvas tote were two plastic bags full of goodies. The first bag had some hooks, some small knitting needles, some stitch markers, and plenty of other fun things to play with.

There were aluminum hooks and plastic ones.

And of course, I come into possession of these after I spent about $30 from Joann's on my own set of hooks from Boye. Too bad I didn't wait, as I would much rather use Grandma's hooks than new, impersonal ones.

Next we had a small baggie of yarn. She seems to have been working on a project before she passed away.

There was a little bit of cotton yarn, seems like Sugar N Cream. I made my first wash cloth in the round (sans pattern, I know, I'm awful). It's only about the size of my hand and it's perfect for face washing. My pores loved it last night when I took a shower. Just the right size. I think I'll make a dish cloth or washcloth for Mom out of the white.

This is a project she seemed to have been working on. Baby item? I'm not sure if I will turn it into something and give it to my mother, or if I'll just hold onto it as is. Also, she left some horrible feeling yellow, which I am not sure what to do with just yet. I'll keep it in a safe place until the time is right.

In the midst of photographing things, especially my green hat from Wednesday, Dom appeared literally out of nowhere. He was in the closet behind boxes. He came out to see my hat. Or to warn me to stop taking pictures, I'm not sure which. I like the hat. It looks cute on my head, but I didn't like the way the photos came out. Isn't that always the way?

Here's a pic of my rock star fingerless mittens/gloves. I love these things. I don't know why. They're just so great, and they take me about an hour.

That's all for now. Wool purse to be felted is still in the works, along with a dishcloth or two for Sara and Justin's new apartment which is, sadly, without a dishwasher. I'm also just about finished with a white fancy scarf I've been working on. Not really that into it, but I imagine going out on Christmas Eve for dinner with my family wearing it. It's dressy and sparkly white. I will probably put it into the neverending bin of FOs to be given away at some point.


Of the Lomos I would have to say my favorite is the Fisheye camera. I have a ton of pics not yet scanned, but these are two of my favorites. Otis is ordinarily so lovely, but in this photo she looks like one scary kitty!

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