Bunch 'o Crap

What a miserable funk today. First off I can't keep my eyes open or my head up. I woke up feeling a little off, under the weather or something, and have been struggling since the drive in at 7 to keep my eyes open. It's that dramatic tiredness where my head keeps flopping around and I threaten to fall to sleep right here at my desk any second. Secondly, my head is pounding. Those two things just make for a bad day. But third? No calls yet from the dealership and I'm very anxious to get my damn Jeep back. They said "Maybe Monday" when they called last week, and that was if, "everything goes as planned," so who the hell knows what that means. I am not going to bother calling them. I don't trust the GM who I've been dealing with, but I do trust the service manager who is just beside himself over all of this, and I trust that he will call the second she's ready to come home.

I'm damn tired.

Have some pics but they're not up online yet. Still in my camera.


April said...
Monday, 26 March, 2007

Just talked to the service manager and he is not done with the Jeep. He said 4:30 pm Tuesday at the earliest. Which means more time off from work to pick it up as I am working 10 to 8 pm that day and will need to take off for at least 2 hours, as it is a 45 minute drive each way and I need to gas up the rental, talk with the GM, test drive the Jeep with the service manager, etc. etc. Sigh.

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