Quickie Post

Just a quick post. So busy at work. Working 9 and 10 hour-ish days this week to try to catch up on stuff that I'm behind on and it's really killing me. I hope I catch up soon.

Here's a dish cloth I finished over the weekend. A bit to frilly for my tastes. I will find the pattern, it was a freebie from a fellow Blogger but the link is at home. I like it, except that I cannot imagine doing dishes with something this pretty? And ruffly? I have a few imperfections, but it was the first pattern I ever followed and I'll be damned...it actually looks pretty much like it's supposed to look. I used Grandma's cotton and I'll give it to my mother.

A scarf I'm working on for Mark. Like my yellow and brown one I made in January or February, it's got 6 different weights/styles of yarn. Sort of a bohemian scarf. Need one more row and we're done with this one. Not a huge fan of black and orange but he picked it out and he has to live with himself.

Another dish cloth. For Sara and Justin's new apartment. Wish I could make these faster. It's coming out nice though.

And the to-be-felted bag. Weird colors. Somedays I like it, other days I hate it. Will be interesting once it's felted. I don't work on this often so it's taking some time.

Finished this a week or so ago. Like the bag it is both ugly and pretty at the same time. I can see someone wearing this maybe once per year, on New Years Eve or Christmas Eve or something. Somedays I hate it, others it's nice. It's bizarre.

And I couldn't leave out Domino. Here he is waiting for me to throw my yarn onto the bed so he can "help" me.

Back to work I go.


Anonymous said...
Wednesday, 19 December, 2012

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