Goodbye, engine. Goodbye.

Yep, at 100 miles, I had a faulty engine. That needs a decent amount of repair. So far they are able to determine that the head gasket is blown. They're taking the engine apart to make sure that's the only thing going on with it. I spent a great deal of time yesterday at the dealership, on the phone with my father (who came with me, since he knows a lot more about engines than I do and could argue for me), on the phone with the dealership, phoning in complaints to Chrysler Corporation, blah blah blah. I mean, when you buy a new car with 15 miles on it, you don't expect to drive it off the lot with a blown head gasket. Totally not acceptable. And if you do buy a new car and that happens, and you learn about it the NEXT DAY, don't you think you should be given a different vehicle, one that has a working engine? One that doesn't need to have the engine rebuilt when it only has 100 miles on it? I mean, that's what I figured. But I guess it doesn't work that way. Because then they would have to admit that they made a mistake. And they would have to actually be accomodating and understanding to my concerns. But they're not, of course. The dealership is, but without authorization of the Corporation, they can't do much of anything except what little they are authorized to do. They're not an independent dealership, they're essentially a franchise I guess of Daimler Chrysler. And according to Chrysler, there's really no problem here. The engine's under warranty so they're fixing it for free. They think that's enough. But it's not!

What happened yesterday was that I took the car in at 1. By 1:15 they had me come out to the service bay and show them where I put the coolant. When I showed them that yes, I did put it in the right place, he hung his head and said "that's not good." And proceeded to tell me that he hoped I had put it into the engine, but since I didn't it meant that coolant was leaking into the engine itself. He immediately said I am not to drive the vehicle because it's a safetey issue at this point, it could catch fire, have massive engine failure, etc.We talked to the salesman and the sales manager and told them flat out this car has 100 miles on it and I'm not going to buy a new car that needs a rebuilt engine. It's not my problem and I shouldn't have to deal with it. They sort of agreed, but then said it's not their choice, this is a GM's issue to deal with. They were nice and good guys, but ultimately they said they needed to wait until the service department properly diagnosed the issue and saw how extensive it was.

Later on, maybe a few hours later, they had the engine taken apart and saw that it was a head gasket that was blown. Nothing else was visibly wrong except for the head gasket. Which, for the record, should not be damaged at 100 miles. Anyhow, it was at this point that the GM was on the telephone with my father about it and about my options.I work for an attorney, who advised I rescind the sale and start over. The GM said that by law in NH I cannot rescind an auto sale unless the papers were signed in my home. So that option is out. Then my father told him we do not want this vehicle. At 100 miles it has serious engine faults, and it now will have a rebuilt engine. He said Chrysler Corporation will not give me a new Jeep. This is a warrantied part, they will fix the part, and they will return the vehicle to me. That this whole thing is one huge fluke occurance. That the factory buys head gaskets from x-y-z company, and that company happened to give them a defective head gasket, which happened to get into my vehicle, and while it does suck, it's a fixable problem. Good thing Dad was talking to him, because he kept pushing and pushing and the GM said what he thought he could do was to get Chrysler Corp. to greatly extend the life of the warranty.

Now, if they take my current 36,000 unlimited warranty and extend that to, say, anything above and beyond 50,000 miles, I will be happy. Dad obviously is pushing for something greater than that, a 75 or 100,000 mile warranty. The whole thing is that I want to keep this vehicle. I don't want to keep buying new vehicles. I worked my ass off for 10 years of my adult life to get to the point where I can afford a 4x4, greatly needed in these parts, on a vehicle that historically has kept its value very well. How many old Jeep Cherokees and Laredos do you see out there? A lot. I checked the Kelley Blue Book site to see what 5 and 6 year old Liberties are valued at (and at that age my car will be paid off), and to know that they're still vauled above $12,000 at that age is fantastic. So I hope to keep this car. A 100,000 mile warranty will suit my needs in that regard.I'm disheartened and frustrated though.

Like I said, it's a huge thing that I can afford my dream car. And I can, and I can even do so comfortably. All I need to do is make coffee at the office instead of purchasing it at Dunkin's each morning, and there's my extra gas, insurance and payment money. This car is a big deal to me. I'm really upset about the whole fiasco.I'm waiting to hear back from them. The mechanics were going to inspect every inch of that vehicle and be sure that the head gasket was the only problem. If that is the case, then I can pick her back up tomorrow if everything goes well.And I hate the Dodge Stratus I'm driving from the rental company. It's just not the car for me. I've been driving up quite a bit higher now for 4 years, so being so low to the ground feels unnerving to me. And the steering isn't great. Probably because it's a rental though and just abused by multiple drivers. Hopefully I can get rid of it tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


Deneen said...
Thursday, 22 March, 2007

Of course you are upset and should be.

Your dad is right, push for the best thing they will give you. It's an inconvenience, also a big bummer.

Fingers are crossed!

BTW, I can't drive in a car now, too low for me also. I hate riding in them too, feels like my ass is touching the road and I can't see everything!

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