Scarves Galore

Because I'm so easily bored I like to have a bunch of things going at any given time. So I started scarves when I would need a break from the shawl. These are all my practice attempt at hdc which, finally, I taught myself this weekend. I feel I'm pretty good at sc now, so I've moved onto hdc. Next weekend or whenever these scarves and the shawl are done, I'll go ahead and start on some dc scarves. I like making scarves for practice. They're big enough that I have a lot of practice, and they're easy because they're just one long rectangle. I have a hard time turning and making things look pretty so I'm working these all width-ways for added practice. I'll probably throw these in the gift bin (which is growing!) when I'm done.

This is my favorite. I got 3 balls of this color (Wink) and 3 of another colorway (browns and whites). It's Moda Dea Cache.

This sucks and I hate it but I will not frog it. I am trying to make a very lacy scarf for my niece. However, I think what I need to do is learn a more lacy stitch rather than doing hdc with a much too large hook. Lesson learned. But I still want to finish it. Or at least a swatch of it. I can see the stitches really well and sort of "get to know hdc" and its anatomy on this piece much better than anything else. So, in my learning quest maybe this is a good mistake to have made because things look all the more clear to me.

This is Bernat Softee Chunky. It's actually much browner than it shows up in the pic. I need to stop taking photos of stuff on my black kitchen table and from above. No good.

This is hideous. And blurry. This is Lion Jiffy. I love the yarn for things like Pet Beds and throws that my cats will lay on because it doesn't show a ton of cat hair and it does not show the mess they make on it when kneading it with their razor sharp little claws. And for a scarf it will be lovely I think. But this red? It's just bad. Too red. A deep red is okay, but this is a bright red and I just don't like it much.

And this one is sc and I'm enjoying it a lot. I need to start weaving in those ends sa I go, or else I will probably never finish it if I leave it for the end. Another really lacey, open stitch (i.e. yes I'm using a big hook so leave me alone). It's not that I am impatient, I'm also working on some dishcloths with a K hook, and I don't mind working smaller. But I really love the way it looks when I use a large hook. I promised myself though that after I finished my little learning excursion with hdc, dc and tc that I would stop all this large hook business and work with the hook size recommended by either the pattern or the yarn. I swear!


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