Well, I had the case of some serious crud all weekend. Friday night I ended up drinking some wine and getting a little tipsy, so when I woke up feeling sickly Saturday I figured I was hung over. Nausea, upset stomach, headache. Seems like a hangover. But then my body started aching and my throat got sore, so I figure I had some sort of flu or something. Other than running out Saturday afternoon to work for an hour, I spent the weekend either in bed in my PJs or on the couch in my PJs (or in the bathroom) crocheting and watching TV. Not feeling 100% but good enough to be at work today.
I started on a shawl. On a random Walmart trip a few weeks back I walked through the craft section and saw this bin of clearance yarn. In the bin was Red Heart Light and Lofty in Paprika, 5 skeins of it, for $8.75. It was a savings of about $2 per skein so I figured I'd grab the 5 they had left and do something with them *someday.* That someday ended up being this weekend. I hate how it photographed (do I always say that?), but I like it in person.

Yes, I know that hook is obnoxious. I only use it on super bulky weight yarns. Blah blah blah.

Anyhow, it's so easy. Ch 4, turn. 2 Sc in second st, sc in next st, 2 sc in last st. Ch 1 and turn. Keep on going with 2 sc in the first and last sts of each row until you've got 105 scs across. I'm at maybe 85 or 87, so I'm close to being done with the length. Then the edges need to be finished off somehow but I'm not sure how yet. I don't fully understand the pattern but I was reading it at midnight and half asleep, constantly blinking hard to make the text less blurry. I'm sure if I read it this evening I'll wonder what in the hell I didn't understand last night.


Deneen said...
Monday, 12 March, 2007

How many skeins did you use? I have a shawl pattern, in the 2008 Crochet Pattern a Day calendar, that you may like-big hook and 3 skeins of Light and Lofty-email me if you want to try it out.

The crud is what Elena had/has-she had stomachache first, then sore throat, fever, cough now with low, low grade fever. Stomach is better, but not much of an appetite. I kept her home today because I have work tomorrow and I figured one extra day of rest is a good thing.

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