Still Alive

I'm here, I've just been super busy.

Been getting tons of letters and calls from the dealer that sold me my PT Cruiser years ago. I only had 4 payments left on it. They kept calling, telling me they'd pay off the remainder of my car if I bought new. Daimler Chrysler, who also owns Jeep and Dodge, are hurting financially and they want to move cars quickly. Well, decided I'd go in and talk with them. I left with a new Jeep. 4 wheel drive. My dream! Since I've gotten my crap together and have been a good little girl with my money, I'm happy to say I can actually afford a 4 wheel drive car for New England winters. Granted I'm 28 and can't imagine affording a house and a family, but I'll deal with that in a year or two. :) Here's my new baby. She's so purdy.

The only problem is, she overheated not 15 miles after I left the lot. The Jeep had a total of 40 or so miles on it and it overheated. The coolant tank was dry and it took 3 quarts to fill it up. Argh. I was so pissed off at the dealership. How could they let this happen? I called and complained and let them know this was just not acceptable. Well, now 36 hours after that fiasco the coolant is down another quart. Looks like it's leaking. So at 1 they're taking a look at it. How irritating. Nothing can ever just go right for me, I swear! I know, woah is me. It just feels like even the good stuff can never really be that good, you know? Hopefully they can fix it today.

Here are a few projects I finished this weekend. Bernat Softee Chunkee scarf. All in half double. Yep, totally trying to avoid working on complicated things so I'm using up my stash by making scarves.

And my funny little hat and scarf. Not practical. Have no clue what to do with it. But it was fun and really it's totally cute. Won't keep me warm at all, but whatever.

Oh and I finished and felted the purse. Hated the stupid instructions Caron gave me on the yarn label. I felted in the washer just like it said to and nothing, no change, nothing. I did it like 3 times. Finally I just filled the sink with a little bit of soapy hot water, soaked it in there for a few minutes and just gently rubbed it together until it felted. This took me 3 minutes. So I guess machine felting is not for me. I hate this purse. Hate it. It will make a nice gift for my 13 year old niece perhaps. Isn't it ugly?

Alright, I have just under 4 hours left here and I have a lot to get done today so I need to get going.


Deneen said...
Wednesday, 21 March, 2007

Congrats on the new car and stay on the dealer about the problems, annoying as that may be.

Cute fo's, the bag isn't ugly either. I hate hand felting with a passion. Sometimes you need to add a little soap to the washer and make sure you put non-linty items in to agitate the item you are felting.

Terri said...
Wednesday, 21 March, 2007

Congrats on your new purchase. There are few things as good as the new car smell to make you feel accomplished! Having driven 4x4's all my life I can tell you'll love it. Granted, you won't love filling the tank, but you'll love driving it in winter. Sucks that you're already taking it back for repairs. Perhaps they owe you another new one for the inconvenience? ;-)

Terri (from PA!)

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