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I finally went through my Grandmother's yarn bag that I inherited a few weeks ago. And wouldn't you know I didn't photograph the bag itself because I wasn't really thinking clearly yesterday. Another post I suppose.

And you know, I didn't photograph the new room either. Idiot!

Inside the canvas tote were two plastic bags full of goodies. The first bag had some hooks, some small knitting needles, some stitch markers, and plenty of other fun things to play with.

There were aluminum hooks and plastic ones.

And of course, I come into possession of these after I spent about $30 from Joann's on my own set of hooks from Boye. Too bad I didn't wait, as I would much rather use Grandma's hooks than new, impersonal ones.

Next we had a small baggie of yarn. She seems to have been working on a project before she passed away.

There was a little bit of cotton yarn, seems like Sugar N Cream. I made my first wash cloth in the round (sans pattern, I know, I'm awful). It's only about the size of my hand and it's perfect for face washing. My pores loved it last night when I took a shower. Just the right size. I think I'll make a dish cloth or washcloth for Mom out of the white.

This is a project she seemed to have been working on. Baby item? I'm not sure if I will turn it into something and give it to my mother, or if I'll just hold onto it as is. Also, she left some horrible feeling yellow, which I am not sure what to do with just yet. I'll keep it in a safe place until the time is right.

In the midst of photographing things, especially my green hat from Wednesday, Dom appeared literally out of nowhere. He was in the closet behind boxes. He came out to see my hat. Or to warn me to stop taking pictures, I'm not sure which. I like the hat. It looks cute on my head, but I didn't like the way the photos came out. Isn't that always the way?

Here's a pic of my rock star fingerless mittens/gloves. I love these things. I don't know why. They're just so great, and they take me about an hour.

That's all for now. Wool purse to be felted is still in the works, along with a dishcloth or two for Sara and Justin's new apartment which is, sadly, without a dishwasher. I'm also just about finished with a white fancy scarf I've been working on. Not really that into it, but I imagine going out on Christmas Eve for dinner with my family wearing it. It's dressy and sparkly white. I will probably put it into the neverending bin of FOs to be given away at some point.


Deneen said...
Thursday, 01 March, 2007

I see your grandmother had Boye and Bates hooks-I can't use Boye at all-I need the inline head of the Bates (and the plastic)because the Boye slow me down and snag onto the loops when I crochet. Try to crochet something using one of the smaller plastic hooks and see if it's easier than using the Boye-that could be why you have trouble going fast with the smaller hooks.

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