Uh, I need help please!

Would one of you more advanced and more talented crochet goddesses please help me out? I am making a bag, not using a pattern, but it's going to be somewhat like this:
My question is, this pattern says to not make handles, to just cut slits in the front and back after it's been felted. (I accidentally typed sluts instead of slits and now I can't stop giggling). Well, does this seem right?? I was planning, and this could be way wrong, to get to a certain point and, say, chain 10 (number is irrelevant here) in my row where I want the handle opening to be, and skip 10 st, thereby leaving a big ol' hole. I figured once it's felted it would be fine. Probably shoddy if it wasn't going to be felted, but whatever. I had seen these bags but didn't know how the handles were made.
So what to do? Cut slits? Or try it my way?


Deneen said...
Friday, 09 March, 2007

I have a similar pattern in crochet, http://deneens.blogspot.com/2005/09/marvelous-fulled-mini-tote-bag.html

For using I-cords and putting them on as handles after felting, I have used knitting needles to make holes in the fabric and it never frays. I never did it for such a big handle.

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