Shrug,2046,DIY_14255_45925,00.html has some really cool shrugs. Very simple, too.

How do I change my link so that I could have it read "Shrugs" and be a clickable link to that location? I have been using BBCode for so long that I don't remember how to do it in html. Sigh.

Feeling really down. Really stressed. Really sore. I've had a tension headache for over a week, and my stomach has been off since Saturday. I just all around feel like crap. Nothing seems to be helping.

I did get a bit of Spring fever this week though, and that was nice. Gotta love New England winters and springs. Yesterday it was 67 and beautiful (I went for a walk with no jacket and it was divine). Tomorrow night we're in for a nor'easter and should get between 6 and 18 inches of snow (supposedly we can narrow down our snowfall amounts tonight or tomorrow so we know for sure). Hoo-ray. Puke.


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