7 Things

Deneen tagged me so here is my list of 7 things you're just dying to know about me.

1. I'm a home body. If I could stay home all the time I think I would. I love hanging out in sweatpants in front of a movie or the computer or the stove or the cleaning products. It's so relaxing for me. Going out is stressful.

2. I'm the youngest of 3 children and the only girl. Which is to say I'm spoiled. I've got 3 nieces (technically 2 but I think my brother will marry this girl so I will include her daughter) and one nephew.

3. I broke up with the man of my dreams in 2006, the one I was crazy in love with, because he didn't want to have kids or get married. They're that important to me, that even after 5 years with him and a heart full of undying love I'd be willing to sacrifice him for eventually having a family. Not to say it was easy or that I don't often second-guess my decision. But it was the only time in my life I stood up for me and what I needed, and that's got to count for something.

4. I'm the manager of a collection agency that is small and, even after 2 years, still trying to survive. It pays poorly but has the potential to pay well when we (finally) start to turn a decent profit. I've worked for my boss in a different business years back that he sold to OJ Simpson's lawyer's company, of all people. I got to travel to Los Angeles to train those people, you know, the ones taking over my job. Wasn't that a fun trip. *roll eyes*

5. I started crocheting when I was 10 or 12 and, believe it or not, survived on slip stitch for 16 or 18 years. I just recently learned some real crochet. I still fear patterns, but I'm working on it.

6. My cats are my children. I have two precious kitties, Marley and Otis. They're both about 7 years old. They're probably about 4 months apart age-wise. I rescued both of them from outside, in different locations. They're both black and white. Marley was severely abused when I found her and she hated me. Her ear had been cut off with scissors. She was about 2 or 3 weeks old and I nursed her to health and bottle fed her. Otis, who is also a girl, looked like a boy, hence the name. She was not abused, but just abandoned or lost from her Mum in a rock wall. I heard her crying and found her. They're both neurotic and insane because I coddled them too much. They act like dogs, going so far as playing fetch.

7. I just watched Friday the 13th for the very first time this past weekend, even though it was popular when I was a kid. I'm terrified of scary movies.

I'd tag someone else but hell, I'm new to blogging and barely know anyone!

Another Weekend bites the dust

In the sense that it was, as per usual, ridiculously short.

Saturday a friend and I did some shopping, mostly window shopping, for a few hours and she bought me lunch, which was lovely. I did manage to use an AC Moore gift card and buy some supplies for some specific projects I'm doing. Including more camo for Jacob's blanket (which I haven't touched in a week).

Here's the progress I've made on my niece Sara's blanket so far. I'm about half way done. Due to not paying attention and watching a movie while working on this, it will be a tad wider than 60 inches. I was going to do it 60 sq. in., but oh well. It should measure up exactly to 60 x 72 when it's all said and done. I wish I had flipped it around, too, so it looked better. If you imagine that the thinnest dark lavendar stripe (next to the orchid on the left hand side) is the center point, the color pattern will be dark lavendar, cream, multi, orchid, then a thin stripe of the dark lavendar, and the pattern repeated beyond that stripe so it's symmetrical. I'm pleased and it's officially the largest thing I've ever made. Not bad since I just started on Wednesday night.

Here's a completed (almost) pic of Tori's shawl. I say almost because I still haven't woven in the ends. Note how Mark cannot model to save his life. Hence the second pic of the shawl.

Here's the yarn set aside for specific projects and gifts. This was just before I organized it last night. I went through and bagged the yarn I need for each project because, and I think I have said this before, I'm insanely obsessive and get my rocks off by organizing things.
Here's what I purchased with my gift card. Enough Moda Dea Cache to make 2 scarves (I started one last night with the bottom colorway):

And some shades of rose for a blanket for my mom, either for her birthday in December or for Christmas. Colors are not my fave but they match her livingroom.
In the midst of organizing, I pulled out about 3000 yards of RH that perfectly match the striped throw pillows in the living room. The pillows are really great, and against mine and Mark's better judgment I've decided to make a ghan to match them. The colors work great and are pretty funky in tiny little 10 inch striped pillows, but I know the ghan will be obnoxious. And do I care? Not so much. It will use up quite a bit of yarn and it will make me giggle. Actually, it has the potential to be pretty cool, but I know that's a far stretch.

Other than that yarn related stuff, the weekend wasn't all that exciting. My knee has been acting up and I think I'm getting close to another surgery. They told me 2 years ago that I could expect a complete replacement before I'm 35. I just turned 28. Mark is badgering me to call the surgeon but I keep putting it off. I think I need to get scoped. There's a piece of cartilege that moves around and randomly stabs me. Most of the weekend it was misbehaving, and most of the weekend I spent on the couch with a bag of ice on my knee and a knee that was 3 times its normal size. I was able to go out to Veteran's Park in Manchester (5 minutes from us) to sit outside and listen to Mark's Dad's band. I've never heard him play before. Pretty great. We were there for about 2 hours. They do a lot of classic rock and old country songs. It was a nice time. But other than that and shopping for a few hours with Sara Saturday morning I did nothing all weekend.

And now I'm back to work and I think I'd rather be sleeping. It is pouring so hard outside and I'd just as soon be in my bed than here at my desk.

A Tad Obsessive but Whatever

I say obsessive because I can't stop thinking about money.
That's how much I'm taking to the convention this summer.
That's how much I'm going to blow on glorious higher end yarn. Wool and alpaca and silk and rayon boucle.
I'll have a yarngasm.
I may even die of joy.
But I don't care.

Working on these Christmas gifts has reminded me of one thing. I would rather have a small yarn stash of good stuff than a huge yarn stash of cheap stuff I hate working with. I have blisters on my fingers from the damn RH. It's so rough it's killing me. The feel of it makes me want to hurl. There is a lot to be said about acrylic. Take Bernat Softee Chunkee. It's one of my favorite economy yarns and it is so insanely soft. Why oh why couldn't I have a ton of that on hand to make these throw blankets for the kids?

This weekend I need to get out my list of patterns I want to make between now and whenever. More stash busting stuff. And then another stack of patterns that call for nicer yarn that I'll pick up this summer.

So, between now and then it's overtime every week. No more buying yarn. None. In June I'll have an extra $450 (I only budget 4 paychecks per month, so when that odd month comes up 4 times per year I feel like I'm rich) that will go become my stash cash. Normally I put it towards bills but since I am saving $500 I want to work OT between now and then so I can put extra towards bills.

I'm so obsessed with buying yarn. It's ridiculous.


I'm an idiot! Every so often even though I know something, and I mean really, truly know something, I then go and contradict it and just make the biggest bonehead mistake on the planet. As if sometimes I've got no common sense! Argh. Case and point: RH Super Saver is what, just under 400 yds? Classic is just under 200 yds. Here I am thinking I'm buying three 400 yard skeins of lavender, and it didn't occur to me until yesterday when it arrived that it was only 540 yards. Because I bought Classic instead of Super Saver. It was really irritating. Yesterday I'm thinking I have 540 yards and it doesn't even phase me. Not once. Until I get home and I'm looking at this miserable lack of yarn and thinking, "What the hell did I buy those for??" I don't even know what to blame it on. Stress? Being overtired for the past 2 weeks? Who knows. Idiotic though. I think I may have remedied the problem though, because I've got plenty of other yarn to use with it. It won't be primarily lavendar, but it will do. Irritating! But regardless, like I said, it will come out just fine in the end. As will the camo, I will just add some additional green and tan stripes to it since for some stupid reason when I bought it I was thinking I was buying just under 1200 yards. Oy. I don't know why it didn't click in my head. But anyway, I did this last night while watching TV. The other skein is to show what color will come next. It's 60 inches in length. The lavendar is darker in the pic than it actually is. And incidentally the lavendar matches the varigated perfectly, as does the cream. They're not "close enough," they're dead-on.

In other news, though I didn't think it humanly possible, Mark passed 3 stones last night and one this morning, and collected them into a baggie to bring to the doctor today. He had kidney surgery to pulverize these suckers and yet here they are. These are from his left kidney most definitely. The one on the right side was the only one to get pulverized because the lasers are so localized I guess. Oh and the stent should be pulled out in about a half hour. I don't envy him. As Deneen and Julie both pointed out, if it were up to men to have babies the species would have died out a long time ago.

JoAnn Order Arrived

That's about as exciting as my day gets today. All Red Heart Classic. I was desperately in need of the camo to work on Jacob's blanket so I'm glad it came. I'm so bored with shawls right now. I think I'll work on the blanket for a while. I also have 3 skeins of Lavender (570 yards) for the main color of another throw blanket for my youngest niece. I'm hoping with the lavender-ish multi-colored I've got in my stash and some cream colored Red Heart I'll have plenty to do a ghan. I should, I've got 2 almost full skeins of the cream color and and two half skeins of the multi.

For the black and the silver I was originally planning on my basic simple triangle shawls but I've since changed my mind. The only two people to get those shawls will be my 2 nieces. Though they both went on and on about how they wanted one, I'm not sure how much they'll use them. The 3-4 adults are getting something a little more intricate and nice. I'm going to shoot for a different pattern for each. I'm such a creature of habit and I need to branch out. I've printed up maybe 12 or 15 different patterns in the last two days and I'll start on those sometime soon. I may just frog the black one I started, since it's only got about 30 minutes of work into it at most. I wasn't sure if that would be for a sister in law or for me, but maybe I'll do something entirely different.

I also decided I was going to make a very simple oval bathmat/rug out of some blue RH I have at home. The shower curtain is a blue striped pattern with a hint of orange in it, and I bought an orange bathmat to bring out that one stripe. It looks good, but somebody (i.e. not me) spilled a big wad of toothpaste on it, and it wouldn't wash out. I ended up having to trim part of the rug and it just looks stupid. So I'll make a blue and possibly cream bathmat--just a basic oval pattern.

I will get this stash used up. I have 3 large plastic bins to go through. I should use the majority of it up for Christmas. In the meantime I'm saving $$ each week for a whole new stash. Mostly from the convention this July, because who could pass up so much goodness? I want to use as much as I can by then. What should my budget be? $200? $400? I guess I'll just see how much I can stash away between now and then.


Here's Jacob's blanket. I'm temporarily paused because I'm waiting on some more of the camoflauge. I think it's coming out nicely, but I hate the colors. But, it's for a GI-Joe obsessed 8 year old so it will go over well with him and that's all that matters. It's all in hdc, very simple and it moves along very quickly. The color pattern will be camo, tan, green, a thin brown stripe, and then all camo in the center. The 4 first rows of color will repeat at the end so it is symmetrical. It measures 60 inches in length and I plan to make it 48 or 60 wide, yarn depending. I'll finish it off with a 1-2 inch border around the edge in black. The tan and green are not exact matches. Nor is the brown. I only added that thin stripe of brown because the green next to the camo didn't look good because they're not exactly matching. However, the point of this project was to use up 1 1/2 skeins of camo and the tan, brown and green scraps I had, so it will be nice to get rid of those. And really, it doesn't look bad despite not exactly matching. Especially for an eight year old boy who will like the camo regardless.

This is another scrap project for my niece. The family sure loves these silly shawls. I'm not going to make any more, I'm switching to something more intricate (i.e. less boring). I have a few patterns I'm fond of, so I'll use those. I had 6 or 7 people ask me for shawls, so I'll do three traditional ones for the people who will want a traditional shawl, and 3 or 4 nicer wraps for the more daring folks I'm making gifts for. I actually took this photo too soon. I finihsed it last night. I did a solid blue border around the edges to finish it off. Just need to weave in the ends.

Plain black shawl. Boring but it's coming out nicely.

And my other niece's shawl. This is actually using baby yarn, though for the life of me I don't recall which. Lion maybe? It's not very soft, surprisingly, and that's a disappointment. But again, it's using up the white skeins I have so I'm pleased.

As for the other gifts, like I said I bought a few odds and ends to finish them up, but mostly this will be a purely stash busting Christmas. Which means with all the gift cards I will inevitably get this year I can go out and buy lots more yarn.

Otherwise, pretty bland around here today. Working 11 to 8 which I always dread because it's a long day, especially when I don't ever take a lunch break. I think in 2 years I've taken one or two?

Weekend was Nice...

But way too short as always!

Friday the family and I hit Dan's art show and that went well. I was only there an hour and a half and spent the majority of it chasing my 8 year old nephew around, so it was fine.

Saturday I dragged Mark to the grocery store. The stent is still in (every man I tell about his stent just about freaks out in horror) so he is still very uncomfortable. But hallelujah, it comes out in 4 days. He was tired and sore and constantly running to the bathroom while we were shopping, so I don't think he had a good time. However, he did like getting out of the house for a bit so it was an okay trade-off I think. I spent the afternoon crocheting a little and cooking a taco-ish casserole I made up with taco-ish ingredients. It was good except not enough tortillas in the dish. A nice game of scrabble with friends Saturday night and into bed pretty early.

Sunday I did a whole ton of nothing! And it was fantastic. I spent most of the day either crocheting or cooking. I've made a decent amount of progress on the gifts I'm making. I really should take pictures. I've just been tres lazy lately. The blanket, which is 60 inches long, is about 2 feet wide by now. I really don't like it, but Jacob will love it. It's so GI-Joe-ish. The blue shawl is so close to being done, and the black and white ones are moving along at a snails pace. I found a lovely wrap pattern today that I'll make in lieu of the other shawls. Yeah, everyone is asking for shawls but I think this will give me a bit of variety and they're just as useful and much more pretty. It's Josi Hannon Madera's Shill Shell Shawl from the Art of Crochet site. Very lovely.

I'll try to get some photos going. This blog is very boring as of late. With Mark's oogies I just haven't been in the mood to do anything since I'm suddenly thrown into full time caregiver mode. Which I am not really used to, to be honest. I can't wait until next weekend when the stent is gone. That boy is waiting on me hand and foot!

Mystic Alpaca?

I was checking out ebay yesterday. I'm looking for some Alpaca yarn, as cheap as I can get it. I love alpaca. I keep seeing these auctions for 10 skeins for $14.95. There's never more than 1 or 2 bids on them and they sell for pretty much the starting price. I *think* the brand is Mystic Alpaca, at least that's what it looks like on the label, and the ebay store is "PERU 4 LE$$." Anyone ever use this? I am pretty sketchy. I know it's only $15 for 1180 yards but...I don't know. I just don't want to waste my money.

Here's a link to one of the auctions. http://cgi.ebay.com/SUPERFINE-ALPACA-YARN-10-Skeins-PERU-LIGHT-BEIGE_W0QQitemZ190104329888QQihZ009QQcategoryZ36591QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

TGIF is an Understatement

Aside from a much needed trip to the grocery store sometime Saturday, I plan to do a whole ton of nothing this weekend aside from watching movies while crocheting and, possibly, sewing (though I hate, hate, hate to sew). Except for tonight that is. Tonight. Sigh.

So about a year ago I broke up with an incredible guy after 5 years. We had lived together for 3 and I love(d) him more than you'd imagine. But it was obvious it was never going to work out. I wanted kids and marriage, he vowed he would never have either. I was always begging him to spend more time with me, he was always at his art studio painting. He wasn't really neglectful per say, but artists tend to be pretty self-absorbed by nature and he was always (and I mean always) painting. As in, he'd get home from work around 8:15 pm and he'd be at his art studio before 9 pm. Our time was so limited, and after a while I just needed a lot more than he could give me. Which sucks, really, that I couldn't just be content with what I had, because like I said I loved him a disgusting amount. And he loved me too, blah blah blah. We were both crushed when we broke up. And I mean crushed.

I stayed with my parents to get my feet back on the ground and moved in with a dear, dear friend in October. Pretty much immediately we started dating. It was too soon and we both know it now. But it's been 6 months now, and I'm very happy with my decision. Though I'll always love Dan, Mark is more suited for me in terms of life goals. He's the more logical choice I guess. Sigh.

Anyhow, Dan's got an art show tonight. He's never done a solo show before. On my birthday, he stopped by briefly to give me a card and to say hello. My niece, now 13, has known Dan since she was 7 and he's always been a part of her life that she can remember. She would stay with us for weekends at a time and she just adored him. Well, on my birthday she was overjoyed to see him. I couldn't believe the excitement on her face. So I asked her if she would like to see Dan's art show. She of course said yes. Word got to my mother last week that I was taking her, and my parents freak out and want to go, too. Alaina's soon to be step-sister wants to go, even though she only knew Dan for a year. My nephew, who is 8 and knew Dan since 2, wants to go. Long story short, my whole family is now going to support my ex-boyfriend because, weird situation or not, he's family.

I do want to go, I really do. But I don't at the same time. I miss him all the time as much as I never want to see him again. It's hard to explain. He's this massive hole inside me. Time eases that, but I often wonder if you never really lose that one first love. I often wonder if I will carry him around with me until my old age. I want to so badly, but at the same time I hope I never think of him again. It's a hard, strange situation. To leave someone you love more than anything in order to save yourself from resenting him in 10 years is not easy, and I don't pretend it ever was. Even now, a year later, it's ridiculously difficult.

So I have to do that tonight. But I'm just so stressed and tired to begin with that I'm not in the mood to go one bit. In fact, I'm getting that weird social anxiety thing that I get from time to time where I have to really try and force myself to make any sort of eye contact with people. I've always been pretty anxious in general, but add to my normal state a lack of sleep, an ex-boyfriend/family reunion, and a whole lot of work and personal stress and I'm not sure how retarded I'll act tonight. I don't have much faith in myself.

So, because I've been so tired lately from this whole Mark surgery thing, I'm going to put on a pair of gray sweats and, after going to the grocery store tomorrow morning, not remove my ass from the couch all weekend. I'm doing this new budget cooking thing where I'm making huge quantities of food and freezing the leftovers, and most everything is made from scratch (who would have thought pre-packaged was so much more expensive), so there will be a bit of cooking this weekend. Nothing difficult, mostly things that cook all day long like homemade beef vegetable soup, that require minimal maintenance. I'm going to watch the millions of movies on the DVR that I've collected in the past month and crochet as much as I can. If my stress level is low I'm going to sew a hook organizer, though I hate to sew and need to be in a really good and happy mood to do so, otherwise I'll probably throw my sewing machine out the window. It's going to be one of those organizers that is one long strip of fabric with little pockets in it for the hooks, that you roll up when not in use and tie shut with a ribbon. Simple.

I've got so much work to do in the office, but I'm free in 3 hours.

Disappointing Stash Enhancement

I say disappointing because as I progress into the world of crochet I'm coming across some more expensive yarns that I really enjoy working with, but at the moment I just can't afford to buy any. (insert whine here)

I'm working on a series of shawls and throw blankets for Christmas gifts. They're gifts for the kids in the family (ranging in age from 3-13) and the parents would be pretty ticked off to receive something that wasn't easy to care for. Who wants to handwash a toddler's blanket for instance, after she drags it around the floor? This factor and the recent demise of my finances due to Mark's surgery led me down the path of a Red Heart shopping spree (that cost me under $30 no less). So for my nephew's ultra boy blanket I purchased 3 more skeins of camoflauge and one skein of black for the border since I'm running out of both and need it desperately. For my baby niece's blanket I picked up 3 skeins of RH in Lavendar and 1 skein in Amethyst for the border. She's in a phase where she will only wear or use purple items and hopefully that won't change by Christmas. I grabbed 4 skeins of black to make two shawls, one for my brother's girlfriend and one for myself for a one-time wear. I know the girlfriend will want something she can throw in with her normal washables so acrylic would be best for her. For mine, I know it will be a one time wear and I don't really want to spend the money on something I won't appreciate or use often. The thought of making it is actually kind of a chore, but unless I can find a really cheap wrap, shawl, shrug, etc. that looks good with this dress (which I can't because I define cheap as under $5), then I'm shit out of luck. Lastly I got three skeins in Nickel for yet one more shawl for another family member who will also refuse to take any special care of a garment. I've got two more shawls in the works for a 12 and a 13 year old, a scarf idea and lastly a felted purse I'm working on (G Hook! I'm doing it right this time!).

It's funny how the shawl thing just took off like crazy for my family and friends. I made one for myself because I'm always cold and it's nice to throw it around myself when I'm watching TV. Now everyone wants one, even picky 13 year olds. That's fine by me, they're so easy and quick. And cheap.

With the yarn I bought today online and the stash I have at home, I will be able to make about 15 Christmas gifts. That's 15 gifts that won't feel like I have spent any real money to speak of. I hope to have all of these done before the summer's end. What a relief to not have to shop this year. I will really appreciate that come December when I can stay home away from the crowds. Yep, I'm already stressing about Holdiay money and shopping and it's only April 19th.

I don't mean to sound like a yarn snob in regards to the RH. I'm really not. When I first started to crochet again recently I would go on these shopping sprees where I would buy 1 skein of something I liked and I would make a hat with it. It wasn't very practical as I never had enough yarn to make anything substantial. But I got a feel for different yarns and learned what I liked and didn't like. I had always been a Red Heart Classic or Super Saver kinda gal because the elderly woman who taught me to crochet as a kid used it, and she gave me a lot of it. My mother always had some on hand, and it was just what I always had access to. By experimenting recently though, I realized that I don't really like Red Heart all that much. I hate how it feels, and I mean HATE the texture and how uncomfortable it seems. It does soften up to a degree after a few washings, but it just doesn't feel good to me. But then there's the trade off. It's so inexpensive and the skeins are decent sizes. It's super easy to care for. People who are not yarn addicts don't seem to care that it's acrylic and lacking softness. They're just glad to have a nice handmade gift. So, there's my frustration. A very economical product that makes a lot of sense in many ways, but I'm not in love with it and I'm certainly never excited to work with it. I suppose until I win the Powerball and can afford to crochet a $200 blanket, though, this is the way it's going to have to be. Ultimately I don't mind. But I'd rather be making shawls and blankets out of something a little more fabulous, I guess. But even still, it's pretty great to spend $30 and have enough yarn to complete quite a few gifts. Oh well.

A Mainly Non-Crochet Update

First off and before I forget, look what I just realized is going to be 5 minutes from my apartment this summer in July: http://www.knitandcrochetshow.com/default.asp !!

Alright, anyhow. Mark had his surgery yesterday. It was a long day. We were at the hospital for noon and got home around 8pm. Surgery itself was an hour. Revocery was quite a long while, as he was sick and throwing up and in a great deal of pain. He also could not urinate, so we had to wait until he could.

Got him home and he was just a mess. He was so sleepy from the anesthetic, but I didn't want him to sleep all night, I wanted him to drink some water and have a small snack of some sort. It was like pulling teeth to get him to eat and drink. I knew if he just had some food in him that he would start to wake up and be less groggy. And he needs to drink a gallon of water per day now, so I wanted to be sure he had plenty. It was so hard to get him to sit up for 5 minutes. But by 11 pm I had gotten 2 pieces of toast and a sandwich into him. Not much to drink, though not for lack of trying.

He shouldn't be home alone today but I had to work. I can't take any more time off. And I couldn't find anyone that could sit with him all day. So I'm calling him every hour on the hour to check up on him. I don't care if it's annoying. He's in so much pain and so groggy and on so many pain meds that I don't feel comfortable not being there.

As for me, I'm just exhausted. I didn't sleep at all last night. I'm dragging here at work. I want to go home.

The storm was miserable. Roads closed and lots of flooding. A normal 20 minute drive to and from work now takes me well over an hour. I typically work 8 to 4 today, but I left the house at 6 am and was here for 7:20. I'll stay until 5, go to the grocery store to get some goodies for the patient, and not make it home until about 7 tonight. It's still raining and I though it's not supposed to be a heavy rain, we're getting enough to perpetuate the flooding.

In crochet news, I am working on 3 shawls right now. Nothing fancy, no pattern. The whole thing is in hdc, starting with a ch 4 and doing 2 hdc in the first and last stitches of each row to increase. I'm doing one in white for my niece, one in blue for my other niece, and one in black for my sister in law. I'm working on my nephew's blanket, too. It's a scrap blanket, but the "scrap" yarn seems to be almost whole skeins so it doesn't seem all that scrappy to me. The bulk of it will be in RH camoflouge. There will be some intermitten stripes throughout it in khaki, dark green, black and possibly brown. It's 60 inches long, and I'll likely work it out to 48 inches or 60 inches wide. He's 8 and very small for his size so I'm not worrying about a throw being huge. Lastly, I'm working on another felting project. The bag I made last month was a huge hit with my niece so I am making her a slightly larger one in gray. All of these projects are Christmas gifts. My goal is to finish my gifts by the end of the summer. I'm making things for people based on what I have in stock. Which is to say most everything will be made out of skeins of RH SS and FREE for now. I do need a few odds and ends, but mostly I'm all set. And it will be nice to use up a large portion of my RH to get rid of it. I don't have any real fashion whores on my gift list or any yarn addicts, so acrylic will be just peachy for them especially since it is very easy to care for.

What else? I think that may be all.


I don't even know how to write this intelligibly so here is a lame recap:

Saturday 4/7 was my birthday. Had my niece over who is 13 and just precious. Friends met Mark and I and Alaina at the apartment and we went bowling. Niece Alaina was the hit. Came back home with a few friends, she got to stay up until 11 which was a big treat for her. At that time Mark started feeling intense pain. Groin pain of all things. Then stomach pain, then lower back pain. At about 2 am he started throwing up. We suspected kidney stone.

Sunday 4/8 woke up and went to his parents house for Easter. Had a nice time but he was ill. Figured kidney stone still. Pain came and went.

Monday 4/9 I had taken the day off to hang out alone at home. Mark was with me, he had called in sick after having another excruciating night of pain and vomiting. Refused to go to the doctor. Loooong whiny day. He felt so much better around 5 after an uncomfortable urination so we thought he passed it.

Tuesday 4/10 both of us went to work. Mark was okay. Until about 10 pm when we had a little argument. Then all of a sudden he's in pain. I rolled my eyes and went to sleep. Thought this was an attention thing. Woops. He woke me up around 1. Coudn't take the pain, so we went to the ER. CT Scan. Left kidney full of stones. Right kidney had an 8-11 mm stone. Which I guess is enormous, most people with stones below 4 mm pass them on their own with pain. His wasn't moving.

Wednesday 4/11 I went to work. I had slept from midnight to about 1 am. Got to work at 6 something. Worked on no sleep and no shower until about 11. Went home. Took Mark to the urologist. And....taaahh daaaahhh....Mark has to have surgery to remove the stones.

Thursday 4/12 big storm. Worked 8 to 4 to avoid driving at night (I usually work 11 to 8). Came home and freaked out, and I mean freaked out, because Mark has no insurance. And no money. Or credit cards. I have credit cards and not a ton of money. The urologist and the anesthesiologist need down payments before they'll do a payment plan. The hospital doesn't. Stressed all night about budgeting before finally falling to sleep with a sore throat and headache at midnight.

Today, am working overtime. Need to work extra hours 1. for money and 2. because I'm far behind. Will also work this weekend. Still stressing about money. Mark is obviously not to blame and he feels miserable so it's not like I hold anything against him. But it just sucks. Sucks pretty badly. Also, my sore throat has turned into a sore throat with coughing, sneezing, runny nose, bad headache, chills and aches and pains. When I get a fever my hair hurts like crazy, and my hair is hurting badly right now. I don't have a thermometer so I can't be sure, but I'm fairly certain I have a fever.

Will photograph 2 shrugs I made for the nieces. They're adorable. Also started on a blanket and I will have questions about that for Fiber Freaks when I have the time to breathe and think straight. Also started on a shawl. And get this. I'm using the proper hook size for the yarn. Like, for the first time ever. And it's sport weight, and not bulky. In other words, I don't have the money to buy bulky yarn. I actually like it so far. Who would have thought? The blanket will be in Paton's Divine though so that's easy and quick. It's an October wedding gift all in natural/neutral colors. So far it's good. I'm making squares and then stitching them together.

Tomorrow I have to go to the dealership to have them check my tires. I think they're out of balance. Super. Though I just found out today that they extended my warranty even further than they originally said they would which is good. 85,000 miles.

Mark's surgery is Tuesday. I will work late Monday, then come in early Tuesday and leave around 11. He needs to be there for 12:30 and surgery is at 2:30. This whole week has just been a mess!

Mmm Hmmm...

Been hiding out. Rancid mood. Not really sure why.
Can you believe, she who has no life, who is obsessed with crocheting, has not picked up a hook in 2 weeks or so? Must get out of this slump.

Got my hair cut. 5 inches. Must mean it's my birthday. Tomorrow actually.

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