JoAnn Order Arrived

That's about as exciting as my day gets today. All Red Heart Classic. I was desperately in need of the camo to work on Jacob's blanket so I'm glad it came. I'm so bored with shawls right now. I think I'll work on the blanket for a while. I also have 3 skeins of Lavender (570 yards) for the main color of another throw blanket for my youngest niece. I'm hoping with the lavender-ish multi-colored I've got in my stash and some cream colored Red Heart I'll have plenty to do a ghan. I should, I've got 2 almost full skeins of the cream color and and two half skeins of the multi.

For the black and the silver I was originally planning on my basic simple triangle shawls but I've since changed my mind. The only two people to get those shawls will be my 2 nieces. Though they both went on and on about how they wanted one, I'm not sure how much they'll use them. The 3-4 adults are getting something a little more intricate and nice. I'm going to shoot for a different pattern for each. I'm such a creature of habit and I need to branch out. I've printed up maybe 12 or 15 different patterns in the last two days and I'll start on those sometime soon. I may just frog the black one I started, since it's only got about 30 minutes of work into it at most. I wasn't sure if that would be for a sister in law or for me, but maybe I'll do something entirely different.

I also decided I was going to make a very simple oval bathmat/rug out of some blue RH I have at home. The shower curtain is a blue striped pattern with a hint of orange in it, and I bought an orange bathmat to bring out that one stripe. It looks good, but somebody (i.e. not me) spilled a big wad of toothpaste on it, and it wouldn't wash out. I ended up having to trim part of the rug and it just looks stupid. So I'll make a blue and possibly cream bathmat--just a basic oval pattern.

I will get this stash used up. I have 3 large plastic bins to go through. I should use the majority of it up for Christmas. In the meantime I'm saving $$ each week for a whole new stash. Mostly from the convention this July, because who could pass up so much goodness? I want to use as much as I can by then. What should my budget be? $200? $400? I guess I'll just see how much I can stash away between now and then.


Deneen said...
Wednesday, 25 April, 2007

Ha! The more money you take, the more you will spend, trust me on this-decide ahead of time what you want to spend and just go and blow it all-that works for me.

DixieRedHead said...
Wednesday, 25 April, 2007

I love getting yarn in the mail. its like a mini surprise to myself when it finally arrives. I like his blanket.Doing great job!

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