Mmm Hmmm...

Been hiding out. Rancid mood. Not really sure why.
Can you believe, she who has no life, who is obsessed with crocheting, has not picked up a hook in 2 weeks or so? Must get out of this slump.

Got my hair cut. 5 inches. Must mean it's my birthday. Tomorrow actually.


Deneen said...
Friday, 06 April, 2007

I've wondered where you have been-figuring you were tooling around in the new ride.

I once went 2 months no crochet-I was sick, but still.

Happy Birthday to ya!

Katie said...
Thursday, 12 April, 2007

I hate getting in a crochet slump, I've gone for 6 months and more without crocheting, then I go shopping and see a yarn and BAM its back and it hits me HARD... hope you have a good birthday and hope you get out of your slump soon... maybe try something new, like thread or making a small something, (I once started to make tiny tunisan bags with thread, they are cute)

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