I'm an idiot! Every so often even though I know something, and I mean really, truly know something, I then go and contradict it and just make the biggest bonehead mistake on the planet. As if sometimes I've got no common sense! Argh. Case and point: RH Super Saver is what, just under 400 yds? Classic is just under 200 yds. Here I am thinking I'm buying three 400 yard skeins of lavender, and it didn't occur to me until yesterday when it arrived that it was only 540 yards. Because I bought Classic instead of Super Saver. It was really irritating. Yesterday I'm thinking I have 540 yards and it doesn't even phase me. Not once. Until I get home and I'm looking at this miserable lack of yarn and thinking, "What the hell did I buy those for??" I don't even know what to blame it on. Stress? Being overtired for the past 2 weeks? Who knows. Idiotic though. I think I may have remedied the problem though, because I've got plenty of other yarn to use with it. It won't be primarily lavendar, but it will do. Irritating! But regardless, like I said, it will come out just fine in the end. As will the camo, I will just add some additional green and tan stripes to it since for some stupid reason when I bought it I was thinking I was buying just under 1200 yards. Oy. I don't know why it didn't click in my head. But anyway, I did this last night while watching TV. The other skein is to show what color will come next. It's 60 inches in length. The lavendar is darker in the pic than it actually is. And incidentally the lavendar matches the varigated perfectly, as does the cream. They're not "close enough," they're dead-on.

In other news, though I didn't think it humanly possible, Mark passed 3 stones last night and one this morning, and collected them into a baggie to bring to the doctor today. He had kidney surgery to pulverize these suckers and yet here they are. These are from his left kidney most definitely. The one on the right side was the only one to get pulverized because the lasers are so localized I guess. Oh and the stent should be pulled out in about a half hour. I don't envy him. As Deneen and Julie both pointed out, if it were up to men to have babies the species would have died out a long time ago.


Deneen said...
Thursday, 26 April, 2007

Ack, I do that with yarn all the time-I forget that with some yarn, like TLC Cotton Plus, variegated has less yardage than solid-I will buy variegated, with the solid yardage in mind (because for some reason, the yardage isn't printed on the variegated label of that brand-at least it wasn't on the skeins I looked at six months ago at AC Moore)-doh! Even now, I can't remember whay the yardage is on the variegated.

OMG, passing those stones-was her in agony or what? Poor guy. The stent removable shouldn't be fun either. No wonder he was still in so much pain after the surgery-now I feel a little badly about the men having babies remark-but only a little.

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