A Tad Obsessive but Whatever

I say obsessive because I can't stop thinking about money.
That's how much I'm taking to the convention this summer.
That's how much I'm going to blow on glorious higher end yarn. Wool and alpaca and silk and rayon boucle.
I'll have a yarngasm.
I may even die of joy.
But I don't care.

Working on these Christmas gifts has reminded me of one thing. I would rather have a small yarn stash of good stuff than a huge yarn stash of cheap stuff I hate working with. I have blisters on my fingers from the damn RH. It's so rough it's killing me. The feel of it makes me want to hurl. There is a lot to be said about acrylic. Take Bernat Softee Chunkee. It's one of my favorite economy yarns and it is so insanely soft. Why oh why couldn't I have a ton of that on hand to make these throw blankets for the kids?

This weekend I need to get out my list of patterns I want to make between now and whenever. More stash busting stuff. And then another stack of patterns that call for nicer yarn that I'll pick up this summer.

So, between now and then it's overtime every week. No more buying yarn. None. In June I'll have an extra $450 (I only budget 4 paychecks per month, so when that odd month comes up 4 times per year I feel like I'm rich) that will go become my stash cash. Normally I put it towards bills but since I am saving $500 I want to work OT between now and then so I can put extra towards bills.

I'm so obsessed with buying yarn. It's ridiculous.


Deneen said...
Thursday, 26 April, 2007

Those yarngasms are quite satisfying:)

I am excited for you.

Try Caron Simply Soft for some ghans where you want the cheaper yarn-so soft, really.

Linda said...
Friday, 27 April, 2007

I can't wait to see what yarn you come up with for $500.
Yarn has become an obsession with me, too. I think yarngasm is a very accurate descripton.

Lucy said...
Friday, 27 April, 2007

Hey...i like that word.."yarngasm"...I may try to use that one in my weekly game of Scrabble!!! (P.S...the fish in my blog was a Rock Fish....I didn't know either...had to ask the fisherman!) Hey...like your blog...I'll add you to my list!

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