I don't even know how to write this intelligibly so here is a lame recap:

Saturday 4/7 was my birthday. Had my niece over who is 13 and just precious. Friends met Mark and I and Alaina at the apartment and we went bowling. Niece Alaina was the hit. Came back home with a few friends, she got to stay up until 11 which was a big treat for her. At that time Mark started feeling intense pain. Groin pain of all things. Then stomach pain, then lower back pain. At about 2 am he started throwing up. We suspected kidney stone.

Sunday 4/8 woke up and went to his parents house for Easter. Had a nice time but he was ill. Figured kidney stone still. Pain came and went.

Monday 4/9 I had taken the day off to hang out alone at home. Mark was with me, he had called in sick after having another excruciating night of pain and vomiting. Refused to go to the doctor. Loooong whiny day. He felt so much better around 5 after an uncomfortable urination so we thought he passed it.

Tuesday 4/10 both of us went to work. Mark was okay. Until about 10 pm when we had a little argument. Then all of a sudden he's in pain. I rolled my eyes and went to sleep. Thought this was an attention thing. Woops. He woke me up around 1. Coudn't take the pain, so we went to the ER. CT Scan. Left kidney full of stones. Right kidney had an 8-11 mm stone. Which I guess is enormous, most people with stones below 4 mm pass them on their own with pain. His wasn't moving.

Wednesday 4/11 I went to work. I had slept from midnight to about 1 am. Got to work at 6 something. Worked on no sleep and no shower until about 11. Went home. Took Mark to the urologist. And....taaahh daaaahhh....Mark has to have surgery to remove the stones.

Thursday 4/12 big storm. Worked 8 to 4 to avoid driving at night (I usually work 11 to 8). Came home and freaked out, and I mean freaked out, because Mark has no insurance. And no money. Or credit cards. I have credit cards and not a ton of money. The urologist and the anesthesiologist need down payments before they'll do a payment plan. The hospital doesn't. Stressed all night about budgeting before finally falling to sleep with a sore throat and headache at midnight.

Today, am working overtime. Need to work extra hours 1. for money and 2. because I'm far behind. Will also work this weekend. Still stressing about money. Mark is obviously not to blame and he feels miserable so it's not like I hold anything against him. But it just sucks. Sucks pretty badly. Also, my sore throat has turned into a sore throat with coughing, sneezing, runny nose, bad headache, chills and aches and pains. When I get a fever my hair hurts like crazy, and my hair is hurting badly right now. I don't have a thermometer so I can't be sure, but I'm fairly certain I have a fever.

Will photograph 2 shrugs I made for the nieces. They're adorable. Also started on a blanket and I will have questions about that for Fiber Freaks when I have the time to breathe and think straight. Also started on a shawl. And get this. I'm using the proper hook size for the yarn. Like, for the first time ever. And it's sport weight, and not bulky. In other words, I don't have the money to buy bulky yarn. I actually like it so far. Who would have thought? The blanket will be in Paton's Divine though so that's easy and quick. It's an October wedding gift all in natural/neutral colors. So far it's good. I'm making squares and then stitching them together.

Tomorrow I have to go to the dealership to have them check my tires. I think they're out of balance. Super. Though I just found out today that they extended my warranty even further than they originally said they would which is good. 85,000 miles.

Mark's surgery is Tuesday. I will work late Monday, then come in early Tuesday and leave around 11. He needs to be there for 12:30 and surgery is at 2:30. This whole week has just been a mess!


Deneen said...
Friday, 13 April, 2007

Hugs to you (I was wondering, but don't like to intrude)

Kidney stones are extremely painful. Passing them is the worst-hopefully, they'll break them up and it won't be so bad.

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