Art Show

We had an art show this past Saturday, and it was pretty fun. Kristen (one of the artists) had the idea to do a community show based on words, and what they meant, and what they inspired. She selected a handful of words (Passion, Communication, Detachment, Sympathy, Energy, Empathy, etc. etc.) and gave them out to individuals, along with the definition. We were to do with it whatever we wanted to. Here are some photos of the event.

Passion: By Kristen Marsh
Clay sculptures

Detachment by moi:
Collage on wooden birdhouse
(I decided to participate 3 hours before the show, so it's kind of only partially completed).

Communication: Mark Barbere
(Look at the drawing, I'm in there.)
Mark asked individuals to describe a photo. Then he covered up the photo with a sculptured hand. On the hand he wrote a story that related to the photo. You never get to see the photo though, so it's left up to your imagination what it actually is.

Ethnicity: Kim Logan

Manipulation: Dan Greuling

Energy: (Sorry, don't know who did this one).
This was pretty cool. There are two mirrors back to back. Two individuals stand on either side and position their faces so half appears in the mirror, and the other half does not. When you're staring at yourself and someone else, it looks like half of your face is your own and the other half is the other person's. I just photographed the mirror, and had a huge "duh" moment when I saw that my reflection was photographed. Like, didn't I know if I took a pic of a mirror that I was standing in front of that I would show up? Good thing I don't look like an idiot in this pic!

Love: Sooby Ahmed

Sympathy: Dave Hatch

Sex: Not sure who did this one

Dan goofing off:

Eric took this pic of myself (love how my eyes are never open), Elaine and my Mark. We had stepped outside for a cigarette.

That's that for now. :) Almost ready to post a big huge FO photo. Probably tomorrow.


Stacey said...
Wednesday, 23 May, 2007

Your birdhouse is a great endeavor for only 3 hours prep! I like Mark's concept, and Dan consistently wows me with his dark expressions. I NEED to go to the next show you folks have.

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