eBay can BITE me!

I'm really frustrated with eBay right now. Why do they not have some sort of 800 number to call when you have issues? I have been dealing with them through email. They don't respond with anything other that a generic form email that tells me not to reply, that they will contact me soon. Someone hacked into my account and ran up charges on my account and they're not giving me any tools with which to contact them.

This morning I checked my email and found a million emails from ebay letting me know my listing for sale was up and ready for business. Only I didn't list anything. And certainly not about 10 grand worth of DVD box sets! So I immediately contact them via email, I change all my passwords, etc. I checked my bank account and the listing fees were not yet charged to me. Okay, no money lost. Well then I had to delete all the listings myself and one by one, which was a pain and wasted much time. Why can't ebay delete those items for sale? Why do I have to waste an hour deleting listings on by one???

I have been checking my email and checking my bank account every 2 seconds waiting for some indication that something happened, either ebay writes to me and tells me they have stopped the charges ($3 per listing!!), or the bank account shows they've gone through. Just something so I'm not sitting here waiting and wondering the what-ifs. Just freaking tell me nothing will happen, or charge my bank account, or something, so I can stop worrying about it. I want a resolution, but instead I sit here and I wait and I wonder.

Well, I call the bank and they tell me to cancel my checking account, to completely close it. In lieu of just putting a stop on those individual charges. I tell them no, my account was not accessed, but I do not want any unauthorized charges on there from ebay. Somehow they can't do that. Why?? You can stop payment on a check, you can issue a charge back up to 1 year after you buy something, yet you can't stop a payment from going through that you didn't authorize? Huh? I told her I wrote checks recently and if I close my account those checks will bounce. "Oh well." YES. That was her response. You've got to be kidding me.

So I keep getting all these non-personal emails from ebay that tell me not to respond. I have sent them a million emails because I want to know what is going on. I have no clue. And now all of a sudden I can't access my account because my password, the new one, is not working. They say to use live help if you can't access your account to log in, but unfortunately I can't do that from work because it's a java-based pop-up thing that is not allowed past my firewall. ARGH. I can't do anything until about 9 tonight. So I can't get back onto ebay to send them emails, and I can't respond to any emails they send me, and I can't call them because they don't have an 800 number. Ridiculous.

Still no charges to my bank account. Maybe they won't go through. I hope not, because it will be hundreds of dollars worth of listing fees. Which might cause my rent check to bounce. Hip-hip-hooray.


Linda said...
Tuesday, 29 May, 2007

How frustrating for you! Here's hoping you've caught it in time, and the situation will resolve itself soon. I'd been freaking out, too, if I was in your place.

Deneen said...
Tuesday, 29 May, 2007

You know I get this stuff from ebay and Paypal periodically and it's spam with another site trying to get you to sign into your paypal/ebay account so they can get your passwords. It's not eBay, but a scam in general.

Stacey said...
Wednesday, 30 May, 2007

Oh no! Clay suffered a similar fate a few years ago, only the hacker stole his ebay AND his email address. He didn't have a bank acct associated w/his ebay acct. tho, thank goodness.

Can you take the bank acct off the ebay acct? Is your feedback so high that it would be a bad idea to delete the account?

Bastards. I'm sorry they ruined your day.

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