The Oogies

That's what I've got. Oogies. A late Aunt Flo (superb on my anxiety level, let me tell you), an upset stomach, first of the month stuff to do at work. A whole bunch of oogies. Maybe even a side of ickies, too.

I'm dying for the weekend to be here. For some reason I've not been having an easy time lately. I go through phases where the days and weeks seem to rush by me, and time is flying. I much prefer that to what I've felt like lately. Lately, things drag on. And on, and on. A work week is painfully slow. And this is coming from someone who loves her job! But it's slow. Time is dripping like honey, oozing in a melancholy sort of way. Days at work are tedious, even when they're not stressful. Like I said, I love my job so ordinarily work is enjoyable. This is something I would expect during the winter, not as spring approaches and things start to perk up around me. I'm not really sure what it is. I'll blame it on financial stress because that seems the thing to blame it on.

I know something is *off* when all I want to do is crochet. Typically, it's something I enjoy to do. Lately, it's something I have to do. As in, in lieu of going out. In lieu of sleeping. In lieu of everything else. Hook and yarn in hand, everything is quieted and pleasant.

I'm sure I'll snap out of it pretty soon. Warm weather is a good cure-all for things of this nature.

I made a scarf last night. Long and thin. Need to weave in ends before I photograph it. I have a lot of ends to weave in. Maybe I should do that tonight. I have 4 FOs in need of it, come to think of it.


Lori said...
Tuesday, 01 May, 2007

I hate weaving ends too - never quite sure it they are in good enough and will pop right on out!

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