Friday Update

Amy P of Dyed in the Wool has a goal of making 2 pairs of socks this summer. The first pair is for her Mum, using Sock it Too Me Puzzle yarn, and using a slightly modified version of the Tropicana pattern from June 2006 Magknits. She’s also working on Boudica socks by Miriam Fulton.

Amy over at Blue Thing Pie is roaring to go! You really need to peek at the colors she chose for her sock yarns, they’re just lovely. And while you’re there, sit back and get to meet Anastasia, the lovely sock she’s working on. Lime-ish green is awesome!

Amber of Amber Waves of Pain is also ready and has her gorgeous yarn picked out. Look at her progress thus far! I think I want a pair of knee-high socks, too! …Amber, could you make meeee a pair??

Hi, my name is April [exploring pandora’s (yarn) box] and I crochet socks. I’ve had a bit of a rocky start this summer, I am sad to say. First off, I started crocheting my first pair of socks ever, only to change my tune, frog them, and start on a totally new pair. That pair also did not make it, and I started on a third pattern. Here I am, crocheting away.

Abby at Ever Decreasing has started her socks. She’s using the Vog On Pattern from the most recent Knitty. You totally have to check out the colorway. Love it!

Amy over at Sticks n Mud cast on the most beautiful Victorian Lace sock. You need to check it out. Really. I mean it. She’s not so sure about the color, but I think it’s pretty dang hot. Don’t you agree?

Ali from Skeins Her Way actually forgot she had signed up for the Summer of Socks 2007. I posted a comment on her blog about it, and it jogged her memory. Yeah! I love when things come full circle like that. I can’t wait to see what she wows us with.

Are you looking for a nice chuckle? This obscenely hilarious tale from knitter Jen at Knitting Sutra will leave you in stitches. Let the Summer Olympics begin. This year it appears they are held in Germany, and you can get some photos of the competition (or should I say “practice competition,” Jen?) here.

Adelle of Girl Is Crafty began her SOS socks with Socks that Rock Yarn. They say crocheting is faster than knitting, but after seeing her progress, I’m starting to second guess that! And kids, let me tell you something about Adelle. This girl is crafty. And thoughtful. Why, you ask? You’ll just need to see for yourselves.

Allison at Odd Ball and Skein is knitting some heelless sleeping socks, using this lovely yarn. I’m really intrigued by the title of the pattern! This is the only pair of socks on Allison’s plate right now.

Deb recently blogged about her sock yarn stash, and I’m glad she did. You totally need to check it out! I think you’ll be just about as jealous as I am.

Speaking of jealousy, the other Deb in our group got to spend the day with the one and only Jessica, our superstar leader behind the Summer of Socks, last weekend. How unfair is that? They look like they had a great time knitting the morning away in Princeton with Deb’s dog, Chappy, and her Mom. Lucky ladies!

Alison over at Alianne Knits started these great looking socks this week. The striping effect is fantastic, and from the sounds of it, these socks will be heaven on the heels.

Amanda may call her blog “a little fuzzy,” but one thing is perfectly clear: her socks are coming out great! All you knitters out there may want to check out flame wave socks from Interweave Knits Favorite Socks.

Anastasia has been co-blogging over on knit-n-gib about the Summer of Socks. She opted to use a simple pattern to highlight her ever-so-delicious handpainted yarn. And wow, you need to check out the color. She very truthfully said that the colorway is “violently green.” It makes me violently happy.

Andrea of Always Knitting has a great new pair of socks on the needles. I seem to see a pattern here of many summer knitters making green socks. They’re looking great, Andrea, and I can’t wait to see how they come out!

Alexis at YARRRRRN is the second sock-crocheter-extraordinaire in the group (hook on, baby!). She’s started working on her sock and ended up finishing it pretty quickly. I am sad to report that she is less than thrilled with her Bernat Sox yarn, though. Anyone have any good suggestions for a cotton sock yarn with absolutely zero wool in it? Check out her blog and give her some suggestions if you have any.

Angeluna over at PurlsBeforeFrogs received her Rockin’ Sock Club yarn (Everyone has this yarn, I love the Firebird colorway!) and is making some gawgeous socks to pass the time in the Texas rain. Check them out!

Well, Anne of Sittin ‘n Knittin was sitting and knitting fo’sho’. She’s working on two pairs right now and, again, one of them is using the Firebird colorway. It is so yummy.

Adrienne is knitting in the bellybutton of California (no, really, I mean it), working diligently on a Sidewinders pattern. She’s even designed her own pattern, and you can read about that in a previous blog entry.

If you want to see something pretty cool, check out Anna’s Summer of Socks Countdown Ticker on her blog, Anna’s Yarn Mansion.

Is that a pineapple, or is Acornbud just happy to see us? And look, amongst the fruit I see a monkey!


Alexis said...
Friday, 29 June, 2007

April, it's so cool to read about (and see) what all of us are doing! We are such a talented bunch.

Maybe some of us could start a sock swap? How much fun would that be?! :)

Jen said...
Friday, 29 June, 2007

Thanks for the sneak peak, April!

amber said...
Friday, 29 June, 2007

Thanks for the update, April. I have two new posts today, if it is too late they can just make it into next week's update. here and and here

I am headed to Kenya next week- so I am trying to get as much done before I go- though I am for sure going to take photos for the Socks on Vacation contest. (I'm going for work, but let's pretend it will be vacation!)

AmyP said...
Friday, 29 June, 2007

So many socks, so little time!

adrienne said...
Friday, 29 June, 2007

i love your writing style, april. i am looking forward to a fun summer with sos! thank you for taking on the job of blog reader!

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Wednesday, 01 September, 2010

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