Attention Summer of Socks 2007 Blog Group

Hey ladies. As you know, I am in charge of reading your blogs each week, and posting weekly blogs on the SOS website each and every Friday. I'm sending out an email to each of you explaining how things will work, once I've heard from you when you check in with me for the first time. I thought I'd post another brief overview here, just in case we don't touch base via email.

Basically, I have 30 blogs to read and update on each week. That's a lot of blogs, but I'm so happy to be doing it. I'd like to ensure that no one's SOS-related post gets missed. In order to do this, I need your help. Please email me at aprilmagnuson [at] gmail dot com each time you update your blog to reflect SOS-related stuff. I will need you to draw my attention to your posts. But don't despair, I understand how blogging and knitting and crocheting sometimes gets the better of you, so if you accidentally forget to email me, I will be working hard to read each blog on a daily basis. I have spent the morning viewing each and every blog assigned to me (31 in all!) and subscribing to them through bloglines. [On an aside, If you haven't used it before, I suggest you check it out because it's pretty dang cool.] It will notify me each time any one of you updates your blog. If you take a look on my side bar under "Blogroll" you'll see a whole section of blogs that are listed as "SOS .....whatever..... " This is a complete listing of all of our group blogs, so please check them out and keep up with our fellow group members' progress. One blog is not shown on the side bar, however. Amy J, your blog, Knitting in Public, did not have an RSS feed to subscribe to, so I've simply added it to my favorites and will manually check your site each day.

So if you can remember to email me, and I check your blogs each day, between the two of us we should get to your blog update on a weekly basis.

Now, the updates. I'll be posting to the SOS main page each Friday. That post will be a summary of what has happened in our blog group during the previous 7 days. For the purpose of our updates, our week will run from Friday through Thursday. That means anything you post between Friday and the following Thursday will get into Friday's posts. If you post late Thursday night, your post probably won't show up in the update the next day, it will likely show up the following week. I do need to sleep after all! :)

If at any time I miss a post inadvertantly and you don't see it in my weekly update, please shoot me an email and I'll be sure that it shows up first and foremost in my next weekly update. Like I said though, with your emails to me and my subscriptions to your blogs, we should be all set.

I'm toying with a fun idea, but I want to run it by Beth and Jessica first before I say anything. But...if they're okay with it, how would you feel about having our own group contests? Might be a fun way to liven things up.

I'm really looking forward to the next three months and getting to know each of you. I feel pretty lucky to have 30 new blogs to check out, and 30 new people to communicate with. I hope you all feel the same!

And maybe when this is all said and done, one of you knitters can teach this crocheter how to work with needles?


adrienne said...
Wednesday, 20 June, 2007

i am checking in! i've also emailed you. can't wait for the summer of socks to begin. it will make for a fun summer!

i've never tried to crochet socks before; although i do crochet. are the socks comfortable? i would think knitted ones would be easier on the feet.

Acornbud said...
Wednesday, 20 June, 2007

30 blogs! Thanks for taking on the daunting task!

Jen said...
Wednesday, 20 June, 2007

Hiya April - thanks for organizing our group. I feel very special that I get two groups. woohoo! Acornbud, are those crocheted Totoro's? I love Totoro. That could move me to crochet. ;)

Amanda said...
Wednesday, 20 June, 2007

bloglines is great, isn't it? i just sent out an e-mail but in case you don't get it, i'll say hi here too!

Agnes said...
Thursday, 21 June, 2007

Hello April, just to let you know that I have your comment on my blog but didn't receive anything from you via my email. But I suppose that is alright since we've made contact already, huh? :)
Thanks for being our group leader.

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