Get Your Sock On

Hey everyone. This is the first update I'm sending off to the SOS Blog (Hope it's alright to post it here, too). If you are not involoved in the Summer of Socks, check out these gorgeous ladies' work anyway. Some of the socks will, well, knock your socks off.

(Blog group, don't forget I write these up Thursday evenings, so anything you send me after about 6 pm on Thursday won't show up until the following week. For the purpose of updates, our week runs Friday-Thursday).

Amy P of Dyed in the Wool has a goal of making 2 pairs of socks this summer. The first pair is for her Mum, using Sock it Too Me Puzzle yarn, and using a slightly modified version of the Tropicana pattern from June 2006 Magknits. Mum seems to have larger feet, so Amy cast on 77 stitches instead of 55.
She’s also working on Boudica socks by Miriam Fulton. Check it out here !

Amy over at Blue Thing Pie is roaring to go! For her first project she’ll be using some merino yarn from Creatively Dyed Yarns, which she got at the Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival in Virginia. You really need to peek at the colors, they’re just lovely.

Amber of Amber Waves of Pain is also ready and has her gorgeous yarn picked out. She’ll be casting on at night on June 21st. Go Amber!

April (that’s me!) of exploring pandora’s (yarn) box has started on her first ever pair of socks, only to then frog them after deciding to work on a differnt pair. I think this may be the first pair of crocheted socks for the group.

And finally, Abby at Ever Decreasing has started her socks, too. She’s using the Vog On Pattern from the most recent Knitty. You totally have to check out the colorway, it's insanely gorgeous. Love it!


anna said...
Sunday, 24 June, 2007

I plan to write up something soon so you'll have something from me for the next update. Now that I'm getting the hang of this, I really think I'm going to enjoy this knit along! :-D Thanks for all of your hardwork!

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