Here I am, Bustin' Some Stash

My friend Sara came over last night for another installment of Crochet Wednesday. We get together (or at least we try to) each Wednesday in order to (stealing a phrase that is totally not mine) stitch and bitch. I made one Marvelous Mary Jane. Again with Wool-Ease Chunky. I haven't found another yarn that I like more for these babies than the WEC. I still need to add a button.

I finished this the other night. Or I thought I did. I started making the pda in the SnB book. The colors are not the same, but they're close. This was me bustin' stash. I think it looks cute, just not on me (because of the colors specifically). I began the earflaps and then realized that I put them in the wrong spot somehow, so I frogged them back. For a few days I thought maybe I'd keep it as is, but I think I'm now back to my original belief that it does, in fact, need the ear flaps. The hat is pretty short. I even went up a hook size because my guage was way off. It won't cover anyone's ears, so it either needs to be lengthened or the ear flaps are a must.

What do you think? The earflaps would be in yellow and there would be a big ol red button on each of them.


Linda said...
Friday, 22 June, 2007

Very cute hat and you just keep getting better and better with those Mary Jane slippers.

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