I'm Not Homeless!

I'm sorry everyone. I've had so many emails and what not about being evicted, and it would have been nice of me to update you all and let you know it's all okay. I'm sorry, I'm so stressed and scatterbrained lately.

Turns out they credited my rent to another apartment. They were rude to me through the whole process, until I talked with the property manager. She was utterly embarrassed at how her staff handled it, and she was very professional and courteous the whole way. They sent me a letter of apology outlining that I was not evicted and that I have an excellent payment record. Phew. I knew it would get fixed but it was annoying!

I have to run, more later. Sorry and thank you everyone.


HobbyZu said...
Friday, 08 June, 2007

Oh I'm so happy for you! I hope someone gets fired or something for their ignorance and lack of professionalism.

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