Last week I got an itch for yarn Mary Janes. I searched high and low for patterns but didn't really find anything that struck my fancy. So I decided to create my own pattern and just make it up as I go. This is the way I tend to do things when I am making something. I am not good at design per say, but when it comes to simple items (a basic triangle shawl, hats, scarves, basic bags and pouches, etc.) I think I do alright. So I decided to give these a go.

Well, after making one that was enormous (and I mean so insanely enormous), a pair that just suck because of the choice of yarn/hook, and one that is too narrow and long, I think I finally got a pair that I like.

I took pics but I did not upload them, so I will post my pattern tomorrow. It's very simple, just make a basic round and then stitch half-way around said round to create the heel/side portions, stitch the back closed, and add a strap. They are freaking adorable.


Linda said...
Monday, 11 June, 2007

I have a great admiration for anyone who can do something like come up with their own pattern. I just don't have the confidence or patience to do it.

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