Summer of Socks 2007, Etc.

3 days until the sock-along starts! I signed up to be a blog reader and will check on 40-50 blogs per week to see if there are sock-related blog posts, and then report back to the main SOS page. I can't wait! I have my first pattern picked out and I'm anxious to start on them.

Never been in any -along, so this should be fun.

I have some photos to post and will do that this afternoon. Been making a few small odds and ends crochet-wise.

Last Thursday I only worked for 2 hours. Felt off, and in a bad way. Had a nasty earache (what adult gets earaches??), and general cold symptoms. By 7 pm that night it had moved into my stomach, and I proceeded to have the nastiest, most miserable stomach virus ever. I have never had a stomach bug for 4 days straight, put it that way. I stayed home Friday and spent the rest of the weekend on the couch, basically. It's now Monday morning and I don't feel well rested after the weekend, and quite frankly I feel cheated out of a few days off, since I mostly laid around moaning and groaning!

Tons to catch up on at work but I'll pop in later with some pics.


Deneen said...
Monday, 18 June, 2007

Stomach bugs suck-poor girl.

Have fun with the Summer of Socks!

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