So Mark just called me. I'm working til 9. He calls because there is a flippin eviction notice under our door. What the hell is wrong with these people? On the 1st I handed them in person an envelope with 2 checks in it. One from me, one from him. We do it this way every month. The 1st was Friday. Come Monday, Mark's check for half of the rent has already cleared. They already have his money. Come Tuesday they are evicting us, citing NO CHECKS were received. Nothing. Then how come half of it is already in your account? It freaking pisses me off, let me tell you. Now I'm all in a tizzy and ready to fight, only it's 7 pm and there's nothing I can do about it until 9 am tomorrow, when I will again be at work. I'll fax them over the copy of Mark's bank crap that shows that his rent check cleared, and I'll have to keep checking throughout the day to show them that mine has as well. So friggen irritating.


Deneen said...
Tuesday, 05 June, 2007

I am shocked eviction can be processed in NH without any grace period-NJ there has to be a grace period.

I hope it gets cleared up-the rental office sounds like asswipes.

Lucy said...
Wednesday, 06 June, 2007

Now that's the sorta stuff that I get REALLY angry at!!! (and I don't get angry at much!) That's ridiculous!

Sheila said...
Friday, 08 June, 2007

I’m not a lawyer but I believe that the landlord must inform the tenant in writing that full rent is due by a specific deadline.. allowing the tenant a grace period to correct same and then if the tenant doesn't meet deadline he can begin an eviction proceeding. I know the laws vary in each state.. but at the very least, the landlord must inform the tenant before starting an eviction proceeding. Check your lease. Good Luck.

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