Yeah, I know, but...

I'm using my third pattern now for the Summer of Socks. I don't know why I keep changing patterns. I think it's because I've been kind of down lately, and not really wanting to have to think too much. The pattern I have now works top-down, so I'm mindlessly working on the leg/ankle section in a simple SC pattern. Mindless. Having to count stitches or think about what I'm doing or keep looking down at a pattern to make sure I'm doing alright, or moving stitch's all just too exhausting. Isn't that funny? Sad? Oh well. It is what it is.
Anyhow, check out yesterday's post to get a glimpse of what I'm doing. I'm using a free pattern from Sue's Crochet and Knitting, found here. This is the only men's pattern I've found, though truth be told I haven't looked that hard.


Sheila said...
Wednesday, 27 June, 2007

Mindless crocheting is the best. Actually I did a sock back when... and to date haven't started on the mate.

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