Friday Update

Abby of Ever Decreasing is continuing work on her Vog socks. Sadly, we need to call in the cheerleaders for her, as she has developed second sock syndrome and has started on her first toe-up pattern.

Alison of Alianne Knits finished her first pair! If you recall from last week, I was in love with the striping. Do take a peek and also get a preview of pair #2.

Amber over at Amber Waves of Pain has made some great progress on the knee socks, and also just scored herself some of the new Risata yarn from Knit Picks for some more socks.

Anastacia Knits Regia self-striping broad ripple socks like a dream!

Angeluna at PurlsBeforeFrogs is making beautiful progress on her undulating rib sock. Have you ever seen such a gorgeous colorway?

While wondering what happened to the month of June, Anne was Sitting’ and Knittin’ some more on her SOS socks. Where did June go anyway?

Amy J. has been Knitting in Public, and working on her sock, among other projects. Her progress may be slower than she’d like but her work is gorgeous.

Hey Adrienne: Even in the Bellybutton of California I don’t think SOS stands for stupid ol’ sock! We will all bow our heads in a moment of silence for your sidewinders socks, though. Rest in frog peace, sweet one.

Agnes is Knitting in the Valley like a fiend. Is there a contest for fastest knit sock?

Jen at Knitting Sutra is having more fun with her socks than any of us are having. Her socks took her out for a beer! Maybe we all need to start using her pattern?

Amanda is still feeling a little fuzzy these days. But one thing is perfectly clear: She completed her first flame wave sock!

Aquaknits worries that she’ll be a little scatterbrained when it comes to making her second sock, so she’s got two different socks on the needles right now. Both are just delicious.

Do you know Adelle? That Girl is Crafty! She just finished the highly acclaimed Giotto socks we’ve all been loving. Great job!

Amy H from Sticks n Mud finished her first pair of socks this week. She’s still not sure about the color, but I think they’re lovely.

In the midst of baking cakes for the enemy Amanda has been making great progress on her socks. Do take a peek at her Twisted Flower Socks especially.

Anastasia came out to play with Amy at Blue Thing Pie. Isn’t she just a pretty little thing?


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