Friday Update

Mystery Stole 3 doesn't seem to have stolen the show this week! I present to you our group's sock progress:

Alexis just got some new sock yarrrrrn: Cascade Fixation and Panda Cotton. I’ve been dying to try out the Panda Cotton and she says it’s just so soft and lovely. She also recently purchased Annie’s Attic “Stocking Feet,” with 10 crochet sock patterns. Unfortunately, a lot of the patterns use worsted weight yarns. Hello, doesn’t anyone know that socks like that don’t fit in shoes very well? Sigh. She’s almost finished with sock #2, and we’re all anxious to see how it comes out.

Poor Jen had to frog back her Mom’s socks because the gussets were just way too big. She’s having a hard time with this pair and is on the fence about scrapping the project altogether and just making Mom some Monkeys. But her spirits are probably raised a little after the wonderful sock-related book purchases she just made. In fact, she’s feeling so good that she’s got a really cool contest running on her blog between now and the end of July. Do check it out!

Deb finished her Walk in the Woods socks and the colorway is amazing.

Our other Deb had a chance to lounge pool-side while working on her newest pair of socks. I won’t lie…I’m uber jealous.

As Amanda pointed out, we’re just about a third of the way done with Summer of Socks. Can you believe it? She’s right on schedule with her Smokey Joe socks, despite taking some time off from knitting to get married. Congratulations, Amanda!

Adrienne completed one of her peonies in Tofutsies #733. I think this is one of the few pretty pastel socks I’ve seen from our group, as many of them seem to be in screaming bright colors. The peony is luscious, like a fresh flower.

Amy of Knitting in Public has finished some sock knitting this week, but unfortunately was pulled away by two funerals and a road trip. You must be exhausted, Amy. Take it easy.

Aside from all the eye candy and great photos on her blog, Amber also shows off the first of her man socks, which look fantastic. Oh, and sock yarn for her trip to Kenya. No biggie, just knitting in Africa! Yeah, no bitter jealousy here or anything. ;)

Amy has cast on her Bellatrix socks, and they’re so gorgeous and witchy!

Emergency! Help! SOS! Amy P of Dyed in the Wool isn’t sure how she feels about the design she’s been working on. Would y’all hop over and comment on how it’s coming out? My vote is that the socks are a keeper.

Andrea finished her beach socks, and still had time to laze around and watch some movies. I am very jealous and suddenly have massive amounts of couch envy.

In her weekly installment of Sock-It-To-Me-Sunday, Angela Marie shows off two absolutely lovely socks that you simply must take a peek at.

April finally seems to have gotten her act together and has made some progress on her crocheted socks. Only to come to the realization that they're no match for knitted socks. I'm thinking that the dark side is calling me...I may have to learn to work the needles if I want some gorgeous socks. Maybe photos of the crocheted socks next week.


AmyP said...
Friday, 20 July, 2007

Like the round-up.
And some elements of my sock are a keeper and some are being chucked!
You'll have to wait and see which is which!

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