Turns out it's not okay to sit outside on a bench for a half hour crocheting if you forget your sunblock at home.

How about them ugly knee surgery scars?


Jules said...
Monday, 02 July, 2007

Don't care what you say, tan lines are hot.

Deneen said...
Monday, 02 July, 2007

Wow you burn fast!

April said...
Monday, 02 July, 2007

Hmmm...that's funny, I never noticed my leg before. Look at the leg on the left (it's actually my right leg, but on the left in the photo). See how it bows just slightly in the shin area? That's so cool. When I was in the womb my Mom had a hell of a time because I sat indian-style the whole time. When I was born and started walking, I walked with my feet pointed out. Doc says it was how I was carried. When I was in my early 20s I dislocated my knee really badly and had 2 surgeries. One to salvage the muscles (the upper scar) and one to actually cut my shin bone, move it over, and screw it into a different place (the lower scar). Anyhow, he did the 2nd surgery because of my "birth defect," mu shins being slightly bowed, just enough that it causes knee instability. And wouldn't you know, I never noticed it before until I saw this pic. It's so slight, but it's pretty cool to me to think that that happened from sitting indian-style while my bones were forming. Okay, maybe it doesn't fascinate anyone else. They say I'm lucky my other knee isn't really screwed up. We shall have to see how it holds up over the years.

KCS said...
Thursday, 24 January, 2008

Trust me your scar has nothing on mine. Since the age of 14 both my knees have been dislocating. I had my first knee opperation when I was 15, on my right knee. Then when I was 20 I had the left knee done. I'm 23 now and even with the opperations my knees still dislocate. Infact my right knee dislocated tonight badly. So I may have to go back to hospital. Just be thankfull it is not both knees.

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