Still Here

I'm here, just feeling somewhat quiet.

I'm in a sort-of crochet slump at the moment. I'm working on a cobalt blue hat for a friend. She wants it to resemble a beanie, be very simple, and have kitty ears on it. And, she wants to pay me for it. Wee. I made one that is a combination of sc rows and shell stitch and it's so cute if I do say so myself (except for the color which I do not like), but it's a bit detailed for a kitty hat. So I'm now working on version 2 which is very plain. Boring. But it's what she wants.

A long while ago I was going on and on about how I was going to save up $500 for the Knit and Crochet Show that was in Manchester, NH a week ago. Two weeks ago? Recently at any rate. I was going to buy gorgeous yarns since I have no LYS here to speak of, and since I hesitate to buy online unless I've used it before or I know people who have (I have this tendency to love it online and hate it in person). Well, with everything going on I couldn't even really justify going. But I wanted to so badly, and even with all the recent debts I scrounged around and skimped and saved and was able to spare $50. Which got me my admission, a tasty beverage, 3 lucious yarns, and a whole day of entertainment, with a few dollars to spare. I have to say, I still feel guilty about spending the money when I so clearly do not have it. But...I haven't gone out for dinner, gone to a movie, gone to any place that involves money actually, in about 5 months. So, I guess I'm entitled. I've been working a lot of overtime each week, so that makes up for it, too!

I bought this lovely sport weight Alpaca. It's so soft and silky. I just adore anything Alpaca. It's just a nice, natural color. It's just under 700 yards. I'm thinking a shawl for me for the winter time, or a shrug similar to the Homespun one I did recently. Obviously it would look totally different (better!) given how different the yarns are, but I'd use the same basic principle and make it up as I went. I'm leaning towards the shrug idea.

I also got some wool. They're each I think about 280 yards? Enough that I could make a scarf with each one. So, the one in yellows/browns will be for Mark, and the pinkish one will be for me.

And aside from working on my sock one day, I haven't touched the thing. Want to hear something funny? I hate crocheting socks. It makes my skin crawl. I love the look of crocheted anything. It's all so lovely. I like it better than knitted items, even though the drape isn't as good more often than not. However, the one thing I do not like are crocheted socks. I've seen a few patterns that are *okay* to a degree, but mostly they're just bulky and uncomfortable looking, and not at all dainty and girly. I'm not a girly girl either, not by any means, but I like dainty, pretty socks. Either that or nice thick wool hiking-like socks. But not this:

It just doesn't do it for me.
In kitty news, Dom is going in for his asthma crap and to get his inhaler (yay, I'm so thrilled) in about 2 weeks or so. Marley is still constipated but making progress. The vet and I need to talk at some point today and then decide from here when she needs to be seen again. Probably Saturday.
Oh! And I did sell the iPod and the Rebel 35 mm camera. Thank you ladies. The iPod is in the mail as of today and the camera will be delivered today. Thank you! You've just helped me pay almost 2/5 of the vet bill. I mean, you know we'll just charge that much in the next 2 weeks anyway, but still. It's a huuuuuuge help.


Bron said...
Wednesday, 25 July, 2007

Never, ever feel guilty about scrounging a little happiness & fun when things are looking bleak. It's the perfect pick-me-up and necessary for your mental health. :) I'm happy to hear you had a good time!

Alexis said...
Friday, 27 July, 2007

I am sorry things have been so rough lately. You shouldn't feel guilty about spending $50 after having been so frugal so much of the rest of the time! When I'm very low on money, I usually still can't resist going out to 1 dinner a week, or at least splurging on fancy coffee and/or magazines a few times. (Frugality is not my strong point, and those damn credit cards...) :P Anyway, you got gorgeous yarn and had fun, and you definitely needed a treat.

As for the socks, please don't give up yet! I wasn't happy at all with the cuffs of mine (admittedly, I'm still not sure I am), but I loved the way the rest of the sock came out. (No, I am still not even done with the rest of the second one, but I didn't even enter the "most socks" contest.) ;D

Can't say crocheting socks is my cup of tea, either, but I'm glad that at least I feel like I sort of know how to now. Maybe you and I should make it our goal to each complete a pair of socks by the time SOS 2007 is over? *giggle*

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