SOS Friday Update

The summer is winding down and we're in the final stretch of SOS. Let's see how our knitters are doing this week.

This week begins with Deb, who hasn’t made much sock progress this week, but she’s hoping to finish a third pair by the end of Summer of Socks.

In very exciting news, Abby has finished her first pair of socks this summer. Congratulations Abby!

Adelle is working on new socks from the Socks that Rock August kit. She only posted a small picture, so no spoilers there.

Calling all designers! Adrienne needs your help! SOS will have to cancel the design contest if there are not enough entries. So move your butts and get those entries in before the deadline!

Jen is one busy bee this week. She’s scheduled to fly back to the US mid-month. She hasn’t made too much progress on her current socks, but she’s still plugging along.

Within a week or two it looks like Alexis will be ready to show off her new socks, too. These will be the only crocheted socks in our group (since I am a slacker!) and I can’t wait to see them.

Amy is currently working on Embossed Leaves Socks. Truly stunning pattern/yarn combination. Take a peek. She’s finished with her first sock and hopes to start the second one soon.

Angela Marie’s weekly Sock it to Me Sunday post is full of eye candy this week, as usual. She’s made lots of progress on her Dream Sock and Jaywalker.

Ruth is almost finished with the leg on her Slipped Stitch Rib Sock for her honey. How sweet! It’ even fits his leg well. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Though she doesn’t have photos yet, Anne has managed to finish some Regia Bamboo ankle socks, my RSC Solstice Slip socks, a pair of Wendy’s Eyelet Rib Socks. I hope I didn’t miss any.

And finally, Anna has an FO to show off to the world. She’s completed her Cross-Hatch Lace Socks, and they’re looking great! She also received her August Rockin’ Sock Club yarn. If you haven’t yet received yours, she has a great pic on her site.

Thank You For Not Smoking

If you happen to see me this weekend and I'm screaming, yelling, crying, hitting, punching, kicking, berating passers-by, spitting, pulling my hair out, swearing worse than any sailor you'll ever come across, shaking, rocking in the corner, laying in the fetal position sucking my thumb, etc. etc. please forgive me. On Saturday September 1, 2007 I'm becoming a non-smoker.

Otis Likes it Too!

Up next---all the felting I did this weekend.
I also made some cotton headbands (2 really cute ones) and a scarf that I neglected to photograph, so I'll get to those this week.

Re-Felted Items

Each of these had previously been hand-felted in the kitchen sink. I thought there was room for improvement. So I tossed them in the wash last night along with quite a few other items ready for felting. I like how they came out. The first one is using Caron Felt-It! and the second uses Paton's Classic Wool.

Felted Drawstring Bag

Also Moda Dea Cache. 1 Skein and L hook. Just worked in the round, added a drawstring at the top.

Felted Moda Dea Purse

I really like how this came out. It has a long enough strap that I can throw it over my shoulders (across my chest) and it sits comfortably at the hip. Love it. Moda Dea Cache and an L hook. Felted in the washing machine. The two pics show the tab closure open vs. closed. I sewed a snap on it to close it.

Small Bag

Lion Wool-Ease Chunky and an I hook. As you can see I need to SC around the side edges of the flap to make them straight and finished. I was too tired last night.

Old Purse--Felted

My niece picked out this hideous yarn, and then aged all of about 2 weeks and decided it was no longer cool anymore. It's 75% wool, 25% nylon. I decided last night to felt it. It didn't completely felt (I washed and dried it) but at least now it doesn't need a lining. Not that I'd ever put a lining in it, because the liklihood of anyone ever using it is slim. But you never know. Maybe some 10 or 12 year old girl will dig it. *shudders*

Oh boy

This is what I get for submitting funny cat pictures to funny cat websites.

Friday Update, Week 9

Another great week has come and gone in the realm of sock knitting. We're 2/3 of the way through Summer of Socks 2007, and some of us have hit a milestone this week, with our first pairs completed.

This week begins with Deb, who found herself knitting very early in the morning this week. She’s almost ready to turn the heels. They’re very pretty and I love the striping.

Last Friday, Adrienne finally finished her first pair, and they’re just beauties! Congratulations, Adrienne! She also shows off some pretty stylish looking black and white socks. And does some serious stash enhancement. Do take a peek.

Agnes finished her twisted flower socks. She’s very happy with the end results. And I agree—the color is really beautiful.

Jen finished her Mom’s lemon-lime Swirl Socks. It’s difficult to see the pattern design, but the colors are absolutely amazing. It makes me wish I was drinking some lime-aid right now. Oh, who are we kidding. I wish I was drinking a Margarita! Jen also cast on some Wollmeise for her step mother in law’s socks in a beautiful colorway. She is sad to report that she missed the deadline for her Socks on Vacation photos, which is unfortunate because we’ve all come to adore her creative photo taking this summer.

Be sure to check out Amanda’s lovely Rococo socks in a smokey grey colorway. Sexy little socks! Congrats on completing your first toe-up socks, Amanda. She also worked a bit on her Monkeys as well.

Our other Amanda finished her sixth pair this summer. Yes, I said sixth pair! She used Apple Laine, which is made up of mohair, silk and nylon. It’s no wonder why these could be her favorite pair. Have fun on your honeymoon, sweetie!

Amy P. is working on the last pair of socks for her Mom. They’re coming out really beautiful, Amy using Regia Silk and a Nancy Bush pattern.

Andrea is working on some socks using Lisa Souza yarn. She’s also in the midst of packing. Good luck on your move, Andrea.

Angela Marie is still working on her Jaywalkers and Dream socks. They’re both looking great!

Ann-Marie feels she has lost her knitting mojo, but you would never know it when looking at her gorgeous sock photos. Love the color.

Last week, Anna came home to a lovely surprise—some new Yarn Pirate sock yarn. She’s holding off from working with it for now, and finishing up some other outstanding projects she’s working on. In huge news, she won first place at the Evergreen State Fair for her Lizzard Ridge Afghan. Along with her ribbon she won a $7 check from the State of Washington. I can’t believe that’s all she got! She also completed the heel turn on the Cross Hatch Lace socks she’s been working on.

Ruth has completed her first pair of socks this summer. Congratulations, Ruth. She opted for Ridged Feather Socks. They’re lovely!

A Quick FO

I've felt like crocheting lately, but had nothing in mind to make. So I grabbed 2 skeins of Homespun in the Harvest Colorway (matches my living room a bit), and a large hook and started working in the round with 2 strands held together until I came up with this:

I put it into a large-ish wicker basket, so that it looked like this:

Miss Marley decided she would come and see what it is that Mom had made.

And see if she could fit inside.

She's being a bit playful and rolling around in her new bed:

And I think the verdict is that she likes it.

Mom likes it too because it is somewhat stylish (in terms of cat accessories at any rate) and matches the decor.
Mom also likes it because it keeps the kitty hairs off of my couch!
And finally, Mom enjoys being able to whip something together over the course of an evening while unwinding from a long day at work.

Pay it Forward Contest/Exchange

I was just reading this fantastic blog and I am inspired to run a little contest that I think is a fantastic idea. It works on the principle of paying it forward. When someone does something nice for us, we try to "pay them back." Instead of paying someone back, try paying it forward...doing a nice thing for a different person. If we all did this, there would be random acts of kindness out there touching everyone.

Contest works like this:

I'll send 3 random handmade gifts to 3 random people who comment on my blog during the next 7 days. Ideally, you should be willing to offer this exchange on your own blog, but I will leave that up to your own discretion.

I will very scientifically draw names out of a hat to determine my 3 winners.
Handmade gifts will arrive in your hands before the end of 2007.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if everyone paid it forward? Wouldn't it be lovely to receive a random gift in the mail? I think it would be. :grin:

Friday Update

Look Out, Week 8! Our knitters are stitchin' it up!

Anna of Anna's Yarn Mansion has made quite a bit of SOS progress during that past month. For reasons of technical difficulties, I have managed to miss a few of Anna's SOS posts in our weekly updates. I'm super sorry, Anna! So let's recap, shall we? Since July Anna's been one busy lady. First off, check out her July 20th photo of her hand knit socks in the sink. Gorgeous! Her Cross-Hatch Lace socks are coming out just stunningly. I think this is the first I've seen of this particular pattern this summer. Same with her Scrollin' Muddy Water Socks. Very unique and I love them! And check out her new Sock Pixie yarn from August 3rd. Luscious colorway!

Deb finished her Koigu KPPPM socks and she's right, the colors are just fabulous. This was a stash busting project for her, and she's glad she made them. The yarn is a dream to work with. Beautiful socks, Deb! She also started pair two using some Shetland Wool that she spun. Very gorgeous.

Abby did some shopping this week and picked up two more sock books. She's very excited. She's still a little disappointed with the Vinnland disaster from last week, but I think she'll get right back up on that sock horse no problem!

Adelle finished her Oblique Openwork Socks for her best friend. I wish I had a best friend like Adelle! She also started on a pair of Country socks. Can't wait to see pics.

Agnes is working on another Cookie A. sock pattern, which is slightly more difficult that her Monkey socks. Very elegant, Agnes.

Read Amanda's Tale of Two Socks and prepare to be wowed. She finished a Monkey Sock and is working on Rococo in a lovely smoke color.

Our other Amanda finished her Office Socks and has caught the jungle fever! Check out the beginnings of her Jungle Socks. And ALERT! She has a sock contest going on right now on her blog so be sure to check it out, and possibly win yourself some pretty fantastic yarn.

Despite not being done with pair 2, Amy has started pair number 3: Striped Swirl Socks. She says these socks are a blast to knit. Check them out for yourselves!

Amy P. won a skein of Tofutsies from one of our group's bloggers, Adrienne. She's thinking of making some Mermaid Socks with them. Can't wait!

Like Anna , Andrea is working on the Lizzard Ridge blanket, and it's coming along fantastically. She also finished her Tahitian Monkey socks.

Angela Marie posts two different socks on her Sock-it-to-Me Sunday blog entry. Lovely!

Angeluna finished her first pair of socks for SOS, her handspun socks. Angeluna, these are really quite lovely. Congrats on your first! Also be sure to check out the yarn shop she visited. I am in heaven!

Ann-Marie finished her embossed leaves socks! She also received her lovely Sockapalooza socks.

Aquaknits is working on some Gentleman's Fancy Socks, as well as Eleanor. Also check out her stunning Raglan Leaf Tee. It's beautiful

Ruth is in the home stretch of her Ridged Feather Pattern Sock. Her husband has jumped on the bandwagon and would like a pair of socks for himself. More fun for Ruth!

And finally, Amy J. has finished tweaking her website and is back in business. She completed her Summer Solstice socks, which was her first pair this summer. Congratulations, Amy. I love the red! And if you would like to have your heart melt into a puddle onto the floor, check out the photos of her new litter of puppies. And try your hand at naming them, too!

More Woes

We're having some cat issues yet again. I'm feeling frustrated about the whole thing.

Domino had his asthma follow-up this past Saturday. He was in respiratory distress in July so we brought him in. The pills helped a lot, and the vet decided at his follow up that maybe we wouldn't go ahead with the inhaler afterall. We're going to wait and see. Oh please please please GOD don't make it so he needs an expensive inhaler. Please?

Marley on the other hand. Not so good. Her first visit was on July 9th. Constipation requiring a 2 day hospital stay. Continued constipation thereafter. She's been taking 3 laxatives twice per day for a month now. At her last visit, she peed herself, which I knew was really not right. I asked that they run some urinalysis tests to be sure, and I'm glad they did because they found a lot of blood in the urine. She now also has felinue lower urinary tract disease, a condition wherein the pH balance in the urine changes so drastically as a result of stress (in this case anyway) that her bladder gets inflamed, she has blood in the urine, and she is incontinent. Thankfully prednisone for 2 weeks healed her right up. But she's been going to the bathroom less and less. No kitty poop for Marley is a bad sign. I upped her meds, but still no progress. Just a small amount each day. Last night in bed I was petting her belly and noticed that it was a hard, hard belly. I squeezed her a bit and I could feel her intestines, rock-hard, looping around her abdomen. Not again! She's really constipated again. She's on so many laxatives. So Friday she's back to the vet for an enema. At the very least. Probably x-rays, though I'm going to remind them that we've spent $1584 since 7/9/07 and cannot afford yet another xray that shows that yet again Marley is constipated.

Her meds cost me $113 per month.

I know what the vet will say. She should have colon surgery. She likely has megacolon and her colon will never work again. That if we remove it, she'll be better off.

Here's the dillema. Surgery is expensive. But it may be a cure. Do I foot the bill and hope for the best?

Treatment isn't working and it's ass expensive. $1500 per month for treatment? I can't do that again. Plus $113 per month at a minimum for the rest of her life?

I guess I'll get a good estimate on surgery and decide then. In the long run it seems economical.

I suppose too I need to consider euthanasia. Can I afford this? Is she too ill? It's just shit, for crying out loud. How can cat shit be lethal?

I need a miracle here. I'm not able to make any sizable payments on the credit card bill because I'm trying to save up $600 for a wedding we have to go to 6 hours north of us in October. It's Mark's brother--we can't exactly not go. So I'm saving cash each week for that, whereas ordinarily I'd just put every extra penny toward the vet. Mark's medical bills are overwhelming from the kidney surgery. It's all a mess.

We have a pretty darn new Sony Camcorder (30 gb hard disk) that we bought when we had the money about 9 months ago (pre-surgery and cat bills) for $600. I think it's time we sell that. It's the very last thing in my apartment worth any money.

I'm frustrated. I need money.

You Stink, Otis!

She's adorable, but every now and then when the wind is blowing just so, and she's purring and climbing on your lap just so, you'll get a whiff of kitty bum. Not pleasant. She has one spot on the back of the couch that she always lays on, so back in November I made her this little square to lay on, out of some leftover Lion Jiffy. As you can see in this photo, she used it a lot, and it quickly got ratty.


So, I decided to make her a new one. This is sort of a mini-scrapghan. I used up a bunch if Lion Thick n' Quick (it's funny, when I first started crocheting again I loved this stuff, but on Sunday when I made this it really irritated me, and I really didn't like it).

6 one-third skeins of Thick n Quick
Hook so large it embarrasses me to admit to
Basic shell stitch pattern (3 dc in same st, sk 2 st, repeat)
Time to complete it: 1 hour. Yep, 1 hour.
Don't make something so open for a cat. She snags the hell out of it. When it's a tight stitch pattern you don't notice it as much. With this, it's really obvious and it irritates me a lot.

Favorite Hat Pattern...

Would have to be Emily Nelson's The Professional. When I saw this I peed my pants in excitement. Well, not really, but you know I mean. My friend Sara and I made hats this winter that we referred to as our Mathilda Militia hats. Basically they were the same thing, but not as stylish or well thought out as Emily's. So, I use her pattern now. I modify by adding a few shell rounds to make it a little longer. I plan to make the scarf too one of these days. This will most definitely be my winter hat/scarf combo this year.

Microspun and an H hook. Followed the pattern exactly and I'm hoping with the sportweight yarn and smaller hook that it will fit my 3 year old niece. We'll see. I'm almost done.

Grocery Bag Dispenser by Drew Emborsky

I'm never one to follow patterns, but here you have it. The first pattern I used in quite a long time. This is a free pattern on his site.

About 1 ball of Sugar N Cream
H hook
2 hair elastics
Pattern was right on. I didn't find any boo-boos in it at all.
I added a few rounds to the top part of it. I have a lot of grocery bags and wanted mine to be a little bigger. After about round 23 or 24 I just stopped counting, and worked until my yarn was looking like it was almost gone. I also added an additonal round of dc at the top. I worried it may stretch too much over time. But maybe it would have been fine.
I really like it. He has a few handbags I'd like to make, maybe as Christmas gifts.
Maybe this is the wrong thing to say, but...I bought some Sugar N Cream to make 2 more of these for each of my brothers (one in black and one in red). I'm inspired by this to design my own pattern. I will modify the top and bottom and use a similar open-work stitch pattern for the mid-section. Sorry, Drew. I love your pattern, but there is something in my brain that just makes me want to wing everything I do and make things up as I go. Maybe I'm a fledgling designer who just needs more skill.


For that teeeny craft fair I'm participating in on September 15th, I decided I should have some baby stuff. Everyone keeps telling me that baby stuff will sell. And since my goal is to make a $100 or so to put toward my vet bill, I figured it would be okay to sell out and become cliche and corporate and only concerend about sales. ;)

The problem is that baby crap is ugly to me. Yes it's cute on one hand, but I don't know, it's just not my cup of tea. So I decided to make some fruity hats. The first one is obviously not complete. The second one has a stem and leaves but no seeds. The third one is completely done. I think they're damn adorable. I didn't use a pattern, and I am thinking of ways I can tweak this so it looks more realistic. What do you think?

Friday Update

This week begins as Deb shows off her beautiful golden brown socks made with Koigu KPPPM.

Abby took a much needed day off from work and kept herself busy by dying some sock yarn, working on her Vinnlands, among other things. A few days later she finished her Vinnland and, to her dismay, it took her five minutes to get it over her heel. She’s decided to put toe-up patterns on the backburner for now and start on a pair of Monkey socks. Give ‘em hell, Abby!

Acornbud met mid-week with a completed pair of Monkey socks, and they’re looking pretty fantastic. No word on whether they plan to travel to Hawaii again, though.

Adrienne very graciously points us all toward a blog contest. Be sure to check it out. And guess what? She’s completed her sock for the design contest and it’s in its testing phase. We’re all rooting for you, Adrienne.

Agnes cast on a new pair of socks last week, lovely twisted flowers. She’s having a great time with the pattern, and the yarn sounds very great to work with.

Amanda got to share her sock knitting with her coworkers at her annual office party, where she got to see fireworks extraordinaire. Sounds better than my office parties!

After a mere 9 days, our other Amanda finished up her Charade socks. Despite wanting to keep them, she is still planning to mail them off to her mother. She also began two more pairs. And purchased Tori Amos tickets. It’s been too long since I’ve seen her in concert!

Amber was able to finish her traveling socks for a guy friend of hers. You may recall the adventures of these socks: Florida, Baltimore, France, Nairobi, Nakuru. If you want to see some fantastic sock photos, check out her Gentleman’s Fancy Socks hanging out with a giraffe, some elk, and the beautiful African countryside.

For this week’s installment of Sock it To Me Sunday, Angela Marie shows off two different pairs she’s working on. And has an encounter with a mouse!

Ann K. spent some time at an MLB game at the annual Stitch-N-Pitch. Check out the photos, it looks like she is having a blast. She got to work on some socks, but found it a little hard to turn the heel and watch baseball. At this moment in time I want to yell “Go Red Sox” as I am a near-Bostonian, but I will refrain myself.

Ann-Marie finished up her Sockapalooza socks and they’re on their way to her partner. She used her own sock yarn, and it’s luscious. Check out her blog to find out about her etsy store. Her work is gorgeous!

Cliche and I Could Give a Rat's Ass

So this craft fair coming up. A lot of my desire to do it was to unload last winter's insane amount of hats and scarves. I have probably 20 sets at least. I tend to just crochet. And then give it away, or hold onto it forever. I don't make a ton of stuff for myself. Anyway, unloading, and destashing are my goals.

I have a decent amount of Caron Simply Soft from years and years ago. I don't really like making things out of it for some reason. I think what turns me off is the stretch overtime. So, I've got probably 6 skeins or so that I'd like to be rid of.

Yesterday my friend Susan, who is crafter extradoinaire, making personalized gifts that will make your jaw drop, told me I should make baby stuff. Her website is a work in progress by the way, and I'll let you all know when her new one is up and working. Anyway, because she does craft fairs in Oklahoma almost every weekend, she's really in the know about what sells. She says baby items sell like hotcakes. Well, I would like to destash, make a little money, and all that jazz, so thanks for the suggestion.

However, I hate baby crap. Pinks and baby blues and pastels make me feel the need to vomit. It's all just cutesie and lacking style and really not my thing. But then I remembered some of the coolest knit baby and toddler and kid crap that I ever saw, and I decided I'd hop on the bandwagon. Have you all seen those knitted fruit baby hats? Hats looking like strawberries, or grapes or pumpkins? Those are freaking adorable. I couldn't find any crochet patterns for anything that remotely stylish for a baby, so I just looked up measurements for little kiddo heads and started winging it last night. I have a newborn hat done, it just needs the leaves, stem and strawberry seeds. Oh my god it's cute. I kept trying to get my cat to wear it but that made her very mad. I think I found something that I acutally like about baby stuff. And....damn. It's so small, it works up so fast. And I get to use up my Caron Simply Soft, which is always, always nice. These hats are pretty cliche, or are just about to be pretty cliche, but whatever. They're pretty cute regardless.

I also worked a little bit on my Crochet Dude Grocery Bag Dispenser. Pretty nice pattern. Utilitarian. I never make things like this. I think I will modify the pattern slightly. I'd like to just add a few more rounds to it, because my supply of grocery bags is enormous and larger than the average person's, I'm afraid. Should have it finished up tonight or tomorrow.

I'm running a contest soon, too. I won Hit by a Farm by Deneen a while back (long while) and I'm just about done the book. I got 100 pages into it and forgot about it for about a month somehow. Stress of Mom's cancer and surgery and stuff I think. Anyway, I've got 60 pages left and I could read that in one brief sitting. I just need to park my butt and get to it. Once I'm done, it's time to pass it along.

New Project and Huge Excitement

It's funny the things that get people excited. I think I'm fairly good at crocheting. Maybe I don't yet challenge myself to create intricate pieces of clothing. Part of that is because there aren't a ton of clothing patterns that I see and fall in love with. The other part of that is laziness. I'm set in my ways. I'm trying to work through my stash right now for Christmas gifts and items for the craft fair, so I'm feeling a little lazy when it comes to choosing things to make for myself.

Most of what I've been making for a long time is not for me. Most of it is for gift giving. Yesterday I stumbled across something that just struck a chord with me, and I looked at it and I thought, I have to have that.

Like I said, it's funny what excites people.

Our garbage disposal leaks. I have a bucket beneath the sink that catches this smelly, horrible water and I dump it out every day. Kitchen storage is at a minimum, so all of the kitchen cleaning products and garbage bags and leftover grocery bags are shoved beneath the sink. Sometimes, a grocery bag will find its way into the water bucket. It will be floating in the slimy, nasty, disgusting bucket. I have two solutions: move the grocery bags, or call maintenance. But, like in my crocheting, I'm sort of lazy and have done neither.

It's funny what people get excited about.

I stumbled across Drew Emborsky's Garbage Bag Dispenser from 2005 (11th pattern down), and thought, I have to have that. As in, that will solve all of my problems.

It's not that I hadn't thought to buy one. I had. But I'm lazy. And I'm trying to bust some stash, so when I saw this I knew exactly what Sugar and Cream I could part with. It's a lot more than meets the eye. The bottom, which is not well showcased in his photo, is quite intricate. Actually quite a lovely stitch pattern. I haven't found any problems with the pattern, either, which is nice. I finished the bottom third, and now I've got about 14 rows of that open stitch pattern which will take 30 minutes max, and then two rows up top will finish it off. I'm beyond, and I mean beyond excited for it.

The next step is calling maintenance. I work M-F and I hate the idea of having someone in my home when I'm not there to fix something. I'm taking the 17th off so I'll try to schedulde it for that day. It's getting to be disgusting down there.

A Few Recent Completions, etc.

Been working on a few necessary projects lately. A friend's birthday is coming up. This friend is actually my ex, and his new girlfriend, well, let's just say whatever I give to him will probably "accidentally" be sabotaged. In keeping with traditional gifts to him, I'm making him a hat/scarf/bag combo. However, given that his new lady doesn't really like me that much, I'm afraid to make it in a nice wool, as it will probably be "accidentally" washed in hot water and put through the dryer, and "accidentally" ruined. *roll eyes* So, I'm using acrylic blends for his stuff. Photos of that maybe next week. The set is plain, but so goes his style.

Also been working on lots of small projects for the craft fair next month. I have quite a large stash of hats and scarves and such that I will sell. I'm trying to make a lot of small bags, purses, headbands, and kitchen/bath stuff. Things that can sell for a few dollars. I'll also make a few more winter items, but despite what everyone says I suspect mid-September will be much too early to peddle those wares.

First up, here are some lovely stitch markers I won for the weekly link contest for Summer of Socks. I submitted a link to Pam's In Your Shoes Ankle Socks. All crocheters know what I'm talking about, and can understand why this would be a unique sock link. Anyhow, I won that week, and received these beauties. I can use them in my crocheting, but they're really better off in the hands of a knitter. I think I will hold onto them and give them to my sister in law for Christmas.

Here we have a small little bag. I have tons of blue Sugar and Cream and I'm trying to get rid of it. I inteded to use it to make a bucket hat, but never got around to it.

2 strands held together. sc in back loop only. Basic rectangle seamed together. Not blocked, and it needs it badly. A little bigger than a coin purse.

2 headbands. The one on the left is the same yarn combo as the small bag. The one on the right is the blue only. Both are the same basic stitch pattern. 3 dc in same stitch, sk a st, sc, sk a st, 3 dc in same st, repeated over and over on both sides of the starting chain. Nothing fancy.

This is a bit blurry but the colors are more true to life here:

Here's another small pouch. Shaped like a strawberry. I made a mistake doing the cross stitch row and ended up increasing out a ton. Hence the strawberry shape. I almost think if I did this in a pink or red with a green top, and maybe added some black little seeds, it would look so damn cute. Otherwise, it looks like a natural cotton testicle warmer and should go in the garbage.

And the kitty hat I've talked about on and off for a bit. It's a modified version of Emily Nelson's The Professional. I believe the difference is that I did 5 rows of shell stitch instead of 4, and I greatly lengthened the bottom. These are just not good photos. I swear to you, if you want a really flattering hat, make this. For some reason it's just so, so cute. Add a few rounds to it if you want it larger. Mathilda's hat was a really small beanie.
Anyhow, she wanted it to be cobalt blue and with cat ears. This is what I came up with. Do you know how hard it was to find this blue color? She didn't want to spend a lot on the yarn, so we went with Red Heart. I was able to find the cobalt blue in Microspun, but I was worried that the ears would be too floppy if I used that.

That's about it. Hopefully next week I'll have another full sized purse, some more small bags, some more headbands, and some kitchen and bath stuff to show off. That craft fair is creeping up on me so I need to bust out a lot of little things. This is a great way to use up some of my stash, by the way. And maybe make a few dollars in the meantime!

Friday Update

First off, I'd like to share a common sentiment amongst my bloggers with all of you. In reading blogs this morning I came across many, many blog posts about the tragedy of the bridge collapse in MN. Thoughts and prayers and good vibes are with everyone involved.

Now, for the knitting.

Abby is finding that her sock mojo is ever decreasing. Oh no! I feel the same way as of late. Many of us do, in fact. Don’t despair Abby. You’ll wake up one day with a strong desire to knit some socks. You’ll see.

Adelle is currently working on the mate to her SSS2 sock, and it’s looking gorgeous. Great burgundy color.

Jen has finally decided to scrap Mom’s socks and go ahead and use Catania, a 100% cotton, fingering weight yarn. Pretty color choice.

Amanda has completed a pair of Flame Wave socks, and is excited to show the world. Good job Amanda!

Our other Amanda is working on Charade socks for her mother, and also reminds us all that Summer of Socks is halfway over!

Amy managed to start and finish a Bellatrix sock last weekend. If you recall, last Friday she finished her Anastasia socks, which was her first FO since May!

Amy H. is interested in touching your monkey. I mean, sock-knitting. She’s working on Monkey socks along with Boudica socks, after taking a short break from knitting.

Amy P. completed her first sock for the design competition, and is working on her second sock. She also completed Wren and I think you should all take a look, even though it’s not a sock.

Anastacia completed a pair of broad ripples (converted to toe-ups) for her mother for Christmas.
Andrea finished her Daffodil socks and you need to check them out. They’re just fantastic! Unfortunately, she found them very boring to knit, and isn’t a huge fan of the yarn.

Angela Marie finished up her Sockapalooza 4 socks. The colorway is one of my favorites.

Angeluna thinks that SOS will get about 2 pairs of socks out of her. It seems she’d like to knit more, but don’t fret Angeluna. 2 pairs is better than 0 pairs, which is what I’ve got so far! J

And finally, Aquaknits shows off her deliciously sexy Uptown Boot Socks. I have fallen in love. She also shows off her completed cable knit socks.

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