Cliche and I Could Give a Rat's Ass

So this craft fair coming up. A lot of my desire to do it was to unload last winter's insane amount of hats and scarves. I have probably 20 sets at least. I tend to just crochet. And then give it away, or hold onto it forever. I don't make a ton of stuff for myself. Anyway, unloading, and destashing are my goals.

I have a decent amount of Caron Simply Soft from years and years ago. I don't really like making things out of it for some reason. I think what turns me off is the stretch overtime. So, I've got probably 6 skeins or so that I'd like to be rid of.

Yesterday my friend Susan, who is crafter extradoinaire, making personalized gifts that will make your jaw drop, told me I should make baby stuff. Her website is a work in progress by the way, and I'll let you all know when her new one is up and working. Anyway, because she does craft fairs in Oklahoma almost every weekend, she's really in the know about what sells. She says baby items sell like hotcakes. Well, I would like to destash, make a little money, and all that jazz, so thanks for the suggestion.

However, I hate baby crap. Pinks and baby blues and pastels make me feel the need to vomit. It's all just cutesie and lacking style and really not my thing. But then I remembered some of the coolest knit baby and toddler and kid crap that I ever saw, and I decided I'd hop on the bandwagon. Have you all seen those knitted fruit baby hats? Hats looking like strawberries, or grapes or pumpkins? Those are freaking adorable. I couldn't find any crochet patterns for anything that remotely stylish for a baby, so I just looked up measurements for little kiddo heads and started winging it last night. I have a newborn hat done, it just needs the leaves, stem and strawberry seeds. Oh my god it's cute. I kept trying to get my cat to wear it but that made her very mad. I think I found something that I acutally like about baby stuff. And....damn. It's so small, it works up so fast. And I get to use up my Caron Simply Soft, which is always, always nice. These hats are pretty cliche, or are just about to be pretty cliche, but whatever. They're pretty cute regardless.

I also worked a little bit on my Crochet Dude Grocery Bag Dispenser. Pretty nice pattern. Utilitarian. I never make things like this. I think I will modify the pattern slightly. I'd like to just add a few more rounds to it, because my supply of grocery bags is enormous and larger than the average person's, I'm afraid. Should have it finished up tonight or tomorrow.

I'm running a contest soon, too. I won Hit by a Farm by Deneen a while back (long while) and I'm just about done the book. I got 100 pages into it and forgot about it for about a month somehow. Stress of Mom's cancer and surgery and stuff I think. Anyway, I've got 60 pages left and I could read that in one brief sitting. I just need to park my butt and get to it. Once I'm done, it's time to pass it along.


Deneen said...
Thursday, 09 August, 2007

I make preemie hats and blankets with CSS and donate them to the NICU where Elena was born.

Linda said...
Saturday, 11 August, 2007

I have a problem with the CSS stretching when I try to use it for afghans, but I like it for other things. I can say that I really like the way it knits.

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