Favorite Hat Pattern...

Would have to be Emily Nelson's The Professional. When I saw this I peed my pants in excitement. Well, not really, but you know I mean. My friend Sara and I made hats this winter that we referred to as our Mathilda Militia hats. Basically they were the same thing, but not as stylish or well thought out as Emily's. So, I use her pattern now. I modify by adding a few shell rounds to make it a little longer. I plan to make the scarf too one of these days. This will most definitely be my winter hat/scarf combo this year.

Microspun and an H hook. Followed the pattern exactly and I'm hoping with the sportweight yarn and smaller hook that it will fit my 3 year old niece. We'll see. I'm almost done.


Andy's Crafts said...
Wednesday, 15 August, 2007

The Hat is coming out really nice April. Congratulations!

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