A Few Recent Completions, etc.

Been working on a few necessary projects lately. A friend's birthday is coming up. This friend is actually my ex, and his new girlfriend, well, let's just say whatever I give to him will probably "accidentally" be sabotaged. In keeping with traditional gifts to him, I'm making him a hat/scarf/bag combo. However, given that his new lady doesn't really like me that much, I'm afraid to make it in a nice wool, as it will probably be "accidentally" washed in hot water and put through the dryer, and "accidentally" ruined. *roll eyes* So, I'm using acrylic blends for his stuff. Photos of that maybe next week. The set is plain, but so goes his style.

Also been working on lots of small projects for the craft fair next month. I have quite a large stash of hats and scarves and such that I will sell. I'm trying to make a lot of small bags, purses, headbands, and kitchen/bath stuff. Things that can sell for a few dollars. I'll also make a few more winter items, but despite what everyone says I suspect mid-September will be much too early to peddle those wares.

First up, here are some lovely stitch markers I won for the weekly link contest for Summer of Socks. I submitted a link to Pam's In Your Shoes Ankle Socks. All crocheters know what I'm talking about, and can understand why this would be a unique sock link. Anyhow, I won that week, and received these beauties. I can use them in my crocheting, but they're really better off in the hands of a knitter. I think I will hold onto them and give them to my sister in law for Christmas.

Here we have a small little bag. I have tons of blue Sugar and Cream and I'm trying to get rid of it. I inteded to use it to make a bucket hat, but never got around to it.

2 strands held together. sc in back loop only. Basic rectangle seamed together. Not blocked, and it needs it badly. A little bigger than a coin purse.

2 headbands. The one on the left is the same yarn combo as the small bag. The one on the right is the blue only. Both are the same basic stitch pattern. 3 dc in same stitch, sk a st, sc, sk a st, 3 dc in same st, repeated over and over on both sides of the starting chain. Nothing fancy.

This is a bit blurry but the colors are more true to life here:

Here's another small pouch. Shaped like a strawberry. I made a mistake doing the cross stitch row and ended up increasing out a ton. Hence the strawberry shape. I almost think if I did this in a pink or red with a green top, and maybe added some black little seeds, it would look so damn cute. Otherwise, it looks like a natural cotton testicle warmer and should go in the garbage.

And the kitty hat I've talked about on and off for a bit. It's a modified version of Emily Nelson's The Professional. I believe the difference is that I did 5 rows of shell stitch instead of 4, and I greatly lengthened the bottom. These are just not good photos. I swear to you, if you want a really flattering hat, make this. For some reason it's just so, so cute. Add a few rounds to it if you want it larger. Mathilda's hat was a really small beanie.
Anyhow, she wanted it to be cobalt blue and with cat ears. This is what I came up with. Do you know how hard it was to find this blue color? She didn't want to spend a lot on the yarn, so we went with Red Heart. I was able to find the cobalt blue in Microspun, but I was worried that the ears would be too floppy if I used that.

That's about it. Hopefully next week I'll have another full sized purse, some more small bags, some more headbands, and some kitchen and bath stuff to show off. That craft fair is creeping up on me so I need to bust out a lot of little things. This is a great way to use up some of my stash, by the way. And maybe make a few dollars in the meantime!


Linda said...
Tuesday, 07 August, 2007

You have been busy! I hope the craft fair goes well for you.

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