Friday Update, Week 9

Another great week has come and gone in the realm of sock knitting. We're 2/3 of the way through Summer of Socks 2007, and some of us have hit a milestone this week, with our first pairs completed.

This week begins with Deb, who found herself knitting very early in the morning this week. She’s almost ready to turn the heels. They’re very pretty and I love the striping.

Last Friday, Adrienne finally finished her first pair, and they’re just beauties! Congratulations, Adrienne! She also shows off some pretty stylish looking black and white socks. And does some serious stash enhancement. Do take a peek.

Agnes finished her twisted flower socks. She’s very happy with the end results. And I agree—the color is really beautiful.

Jen finished her Mom’s lemon-lime Swirl Socks. It’s difficult to see the pattern design, but the colors are absolutely amazing. It makes me wish I was drinking some lime-aid right now. Oh, who are we kidding. I wish I was drinking a Margarita! Jen also cast on some Wollmeise for her step mother in law’s socks in a beautiful colorway. She is sad to report that she missed the deadline for her Socks on Vacation photos, which is unfortunate because we’ve all come to adore her creative photo taking this summer.

Be sure to check out Amanda’s lovely Rococo socks in a smokey grey colorway. Sexy little socks! Congrats on completing your first toe-up socks, Amanda. She also worked a bit on her Monkeys as well.

Our other Amanda finished her sixth pair this summer. Yes, I said sixth pair! She used Apple Laine, which is made up of mohair, silk and nylon. It’s no wonder why these could be her favorite pair. Have fun on your honeymoon, sweetie!

Amy P. is working on the last pair of socks for her Mom. They’re coming out really beautiful, Amy using Regia Silk and a Nancy Bush pattern.

Andrea is working on some socks using Lisa Souza yarn. She’s also in the midst of packing. Good luck on your move, Andrea.

Angela Marie is still working on her Jaywalkers and Dream socks. They’re both looking great!

Ann-Marie feels she has lost her knitting mojo, but you would never know it when looking at her gorgeous sock photos. Love the color.

Last week, Anna came home to a lovely surprise—some new Yarn Pirate sock yarn. She’s holding off from working with it for now, and finishing up some other outstanding projects she’s working on. In huge news, she won first place at the Evergreen State Fair for her Lizzard Ridge Afghan. Along with her ribbon she won a $7 check from the State of Washington. I can’t believe that’s all she got! She also completed the heel turn on the Cross Hatch Lace socks she’s been working on.

Ruth has completed her first pair of socks this summer. Congratulations, Ruth. She opted for Ridged Feather Socks. They’re lovely!


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