Friday Update

First off, I'd like to share a common sentiment amongst my bloggers with all of you. In reading blogs this morning I came across many, many blog posts about the tragedy of the bridge collapse in MN. Thoughts and prayers and good vibes are with everyone involved.

Now, for the knitting.

Abby is finding that her sock mojo is ever decreasing. Oh no! I feel the same way as of late. Many of us do, in fact. Don’t despair Abby. You’ll wake up one day with a strong desire to knit some socks. You’ll see.

Adelle is currently working on the mate to her SSS2 sock, and it’s looking gorgeous. Great burgundy color.

Jen has finally decided to scrap Mom’s socks and go ahead and use Catania, a 100% cotton, fingering weight yarn. Pretty color choice.

Amanda has completed a pair of Flame Wave socks, and is excited to show the world. Good job Amanda!

Our other Amanda is working on Charade socks for her mother, and also reminds us all that Summer of Socks is halfway over!

Amy managed to start and finish a Bellatrix sock last weekend. If you recall, last Friday she finished her Anastasia socks, which was her first FO since May!

Amy H. is interested in touching your monkey. I mean, sock-knitting. She’s working on Monkey socks along with Boudica socks, after taking a short break from knitting.

Amy P. completed her first sock for the design competition, and is working on her second sock. She also completed Wren and I think you should all take a look, even though it’s not a sock.

Anastacia completed a pair of broad ripples (converted to toe-ups) for her mother for Christmas.
Andrea finished her Daffodil socks and you need to check them out. They’re just fantastic! Unfortunately, she found them very boring to knit, and isn’t a huge fan of the yarn.

Angela Marie finished up her Sockapalooza 4 socks. The colorway is one of my favorites.

Angeluna thinks that SOS will get about 2 pairs of socks out of her. It seems she’d like to knit more, but don’t fret Angeluna. 2 pairs is better than 0 pairs, which is what I’ve got so far! J

And finally, Aquaknits shows off her deliciously sexy Uptown Boot Socks. I have fallen in love. She also shows off her completed cable knit socks.


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