Friday Update

This week begins as Deb shows off her beautiful golden brown socks made with Koigu KPPPM.

Abby took a much needed day off from work and kept herself busy by dying some sock yarn, working on her Vinnlands, among other things. A few days later she finished her Vinnland and, to her dismay, it took her five minutes to get it over her heel. She’s decided to put toe-up patterns on the backburner for now and start on a pair of Monkey socks. Give ‘em hell, Abby!

Acornbud met mid-week with a completed pair of Monkey socks, and they’re looking pretty fantastic. No word on whether they plan to travel to Hawaii again, though.

Adrienne very graciously points us all toward a blog contest. Be sure to check it out. And guess what? She’s completed her sock for the design contest and it’s in its testing phase. We’re all rooting for you, Adrienne.

Agnes cast on a new pair of socks last week, lovely twisted flowers. She’s having a great time with the pattern, and the yarn sounds very great to work with.

Amanda got to share her sock knitting with her coworkers at her annual office party, where she got to see fireworks extraordinaire. Sounds better than my office parties!

After a mere 9 days, our other Amanda finished up her Charade socks. Despite wanting to keep them, she is still planning to mail them off to her mother. She also began two more pairs. And purchased Tori Amos tickets. It’s been too long since I’ve seen her in concert!

Amber was able to finish her traveling socks for a guy friend of hers. You may recall the adventures of these socks: Florida, Baltimore, France, Nairobi, Nakuru. If you want to see some fantastic sock photos, check out her Gentleman’s Fancy Socks hanging out with a giraffe, some elk, and the beautiful African countryside.

For this week’s installment of Sock it To Me Sunday, Angela Marie shows off two different pairs she’s working on. And has an encounter with a mouse!

Ann K. spent some time at an MLB game at the annual Stitch-N-Pitch. Check out the photos, it looks like she is having a blast. She got to work on some socks, but found it a little hard to turn the heel and watch baseball. At this moment in time I want to yell “Go Red Sox” as I am a near-Bostonian, but I will refrain myself.

Ann-Marie finished up her Sockapalooza socks and they’re on their way to her partner. She used her own sock yarn, and it’s luscious. Check out her blog to find out about her etsy store. Her work is gorgeous!


busy91 said...
Tuesday, 14 August, 2007

Hi April
Thanks for visiting and the link. I'll link you over in my blog.

Funny thing is I learned to sew before I learned to knit. I think people either grow up with yarn people or fabric people. Although my mom did knit a lot as well, she was more of a sewer.

It really isn't that hard. I think if you can knit and construct a garment, you can sew a garment. All one needs to do is learn to read patterns and learn basic stuff. You should give it a try one day. Something simple like a bag. You might like it.

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