Friday Update

Look Out, Week 8! Our knitters are stitchin' it up!

Anna of Anna's Yarn Mansion has made quite a bit of SOS progress during that past month. For reasons of technical difficulties, I have managed to miss a few of Anna's SOS posts in our weekly updates. I'm super sorry, Anna! So let's recap, shall we? Since July Anna's been one busy lady. First off, check out her July 20th photo of her hand knit socks in the sink. Gorgeous! Her Cross-Hatch Lace socks are coming out just stunningly. I think this is the first I've seen of this particular pattern this summer. Same with her Scrollin' Muddy Water Socks. Very unique and I love them! And check out her new Sock Pixie yarn from August 3rd. Luscious colorway!

Deb finished her Koigu KPPPM socks and she's right, the colors are just fabulous. This was a stash busting project for her, and she's glad she made them. The yarn is a dream to work with. Beautiful socks, Deb! She also started pair two using some Shetland Wool that she spun. Very gorgeous.

Abby did some shopping this week and picked up two more sock books. She's very excited. She's still a little disappointed with the Vinnland disaster from last week, but I think she'll get right back up on that sock horse no problem!

Adelle finished her Oblique Openwork Socks for her best friend. I wish I had a best friend like Adelle! She also started on a pair of Country socks. Can't wait to see pics.

Agnes is working on another Cookie A. sock pattern, which is slightly more difficult that her Monkey socks. Very elegant, Agnes.

Read Amanda's Tale of Two Socks and prepare to be wowed. She finished a Monkey Sock and is working on Rococo in a lovely smoke color.

Our other Amanda finished her Office Socks and has caught the jungle fever! Check out the beginnings of her Jungle Socks. And ALERT! She has a sock contest going on right now on her blog so be sure to check it out, and possibly win yourself some pretty fantastic yarn.

Despite not being done with pair 2, Amy has started pair number 3: Striped Swirl Socks. She says these socks are a blast to knit. Check them out for yourselves!

Amy P. won a skein of Tofutsies from one of our group's bloggers, Adrienne. She's thinking of making some Mermaid Socks with them. Can't wait!

Like Anna , Andrea is working on the Lizzard Ridge blanket, and it's coming along fantastically. She also finished her Tahitian Monkey socks.

Angela Marie posts two different socks on her Sock-it-to-Me Sunday blog entry. Lovely!

Angeluna finished her first pair of socks for SOS, her handspun socks. Angeluna, these are really quite lovely. Congrats on your first! Also be sure to check out the yarn shop she visited. I am in heaven!

Ann-Marie finished her embossed leaves socks! She also received her lovely Sockapalooza socks.

Aquaknits is working on some Gentleman's Fancy Socks, as well as Eleanor. Also check out her stunning Raglan Leaf Tee. It's beautiful

Ruth is in the home stretch of her Ridged Feather Pattern Sock. Her husband has jumped on the bandwagon and would like a pair of socks for himself. More fun for Ruth!

And finally, Amy J. has finished tweaking her website and is back in business. She completed her Summer Solstice socks, which was her first pair this summer. Congratulations, Amy. I love the red! And if you would like to have your heart melt into a puddle onto the floor, check out the photos of her new litter of puppies. And try your hand at naming them, too!


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