More Woes

We're having some cat issues yet again. I'm feeling frustrated about the whole thing.

Domino had his asthma follow-up this past Saturday. He was in respiratory distress in July so we brought him in. The pills helped a lot, and the vet decided at his follow up that maybe we wouldn't go ahead with the inhaler afterall. We're going to wait and see. Oh please please please GOD don't make it so he needs an expensive inhaler. Please?

Marley on the other hand. Not so good. Her first visit was on July 9th. Constipation requiring a 2 day hospital stay. Continued constipation thereafter. She's been taking 3 laxatives twice per day for a month now. At her last visit, she peed herself, which I knew was really not right. I asked that they run some urinalysis tests to be sure, and I'm glad they did because they found a lot of blood in the urine. She now also has felinue lower urinary tract disease, a condition wherein the pH balance in the urine changes so drastically as a result of stress (in this case anyway) that her bladder gets inflamed, she has blood in the urine, and she is incontinent. Thankfully prednisone for 2 weeks healed her right up. But she's been going to the bathroom less and less. No kitty poop for Marley is a bad sign. I upped her meds, but still no progress. Just a small amount each day. Last night in bed I was petting her belly and noticed that it was a hard, hard belly. I squeezed her a bit and I could feel her intestines, rock-hard, looping around her abdomen. Not again! She's really constipated again. She's on so many laxatives. So Friday she's back to the vet for an enema. At the very least. Probably x-rays, though I'm going to remind them that we've spent $1584 since 7/9/07 and cannot afford yet another xray that shows that yet again Marley is constipated.

Her meds cost me $113 per month.

I know what the vet will say. She should have colon surgery. She likely has megacolon and her colon will never work again. That if we remove it, she'll be better off.

Here's the dillema. Surgery is expensive. But it may be a cure. Do I foot the bill and hope for the best?

Treatment isn't working and it's ass expensive. $1500 per month for treatment? I can't do that again. Plus $113 per month at a minimum for the rest of her life?

I guess I'll get a good estimate on surgery and decide then. In the long run it seems economical.

I suppose too I need to consider euthanasia. Can I afford this? Is she too ill? It's just shit, for crying out loud. How can cat shit be lethal?

I need a miracle here. I'm not able to make any sizable payments on the credit card bill because I'm trying to save up $600 for a wedding we have to go to 6 hours north of us in October. It's Mark's brother--we can't exactly not go. So I'm saving cash each week for that, whereas ordinarily I'd just put every extra penny toward the vet. Mark's medical bills are overwhelming from the kidney surgery. It's all a mess.

We have a pretty darn new Sony Camcorder (30 gb hard disk) that we bought when we had the money about 9 months ago (pre-surgery and cat bills) for $600. I think it's time we sell that. It's the very last thing in my apartment worth any money.

I'm frustrated. I need money.


Bron said...
Thursday, 16 August, 2007

Aw, April. I'm so sorry.

Deneen said...
Thursday, 16 August, 2007

April, I am so sorry and I am not going to tell you what you should do-but, I would (and don't hate me) have the cat put down. The colon surgery might prove too much for her stress wise also, is painful and is there a guarantee it'll be okay? The cat has been through so much lately and something must be causing it.

You are selling your stuff, going crazy trying to make ends meet, have the BF's huge hospital bill, etc-it's too much on you.

April said...
Thursday, 16 August, 2007

Oh I wouldn't hate you for that opinion. I would share that same exact opinion if it were a different cat. There's just something special about Marley, and since I don't think I could possibly even begin to describe what it is, I won't try. Suffice it to say that she is my heart and soul and she got me through a really, really tough time in my life when I was 20. If it were Otis, the decision would still suck, but it wouldn't be as difficult, and I think I would opt for that.
From what I have read the surgery is basically a cure. It's just the expense of it all that makes me leary of it.
I'm going to talk to the vet and have a serious heart to heart with her and with myself and see where we stand after this visit. I'm hoping, and maybe this won't happen, but I'm hoping that if I am completely open and honest with her about the financial burdens of this, that they will do a surgery free of charge or at a reduced charge. It's worth a shot. It's unlikely, but still I need to try. Though it would break my heart, I know that another option is adoption. The vet always says she wishes Marley was her cat because she's just so sweet and special. Maybe the vet could afford her surgery and would be willing to take her in and adopt her? Again, worth exploring.

Linda said...
Thursday, 16 August, 2007

April, I'll be thinking of you and Marley. Please let us know what you and the vet decide.

naomi said...
Thursday, 16 August, 2007

Oh April, what a tough decision.
Have you considered another vet for a second opinion ? If you do, just make sure you get her xrays and records to take with you.
Good luck, sweetie.

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