SOS Friday Update

The summer is winding down and we're in the final stretch of SOS. Let's see how our knitters are doing this week.

This week begins with Deb, who hasn’t made much sock progress this week, but she’s hoping to finish a third pair by the end of Summer of Socks.

In very exciting news, Abby has finished her first pair of socks this summer. Congratulations Abby!

Adelle is working on new socks from the Socks that Rock August kit. She only posted a small picture, so no spoilers there.

Calling all designers! Adrienne needs your help! SOS will have to cancel the design contest if there are not enough entries. So move your butts and get those entries in before the deadline!

Jen is one busy bee this week. She’s scheduled to fly back to the US mid-month. She hasn’t made too much progress on her current socks, but she’s still plugging along.

Within a week or two it looks like Alexis will be ready to show off her new socks, too. These will be the only crocheted socks in our group (since I am a slacker!) and I can’t wait to see them.

Amy is currently working on Embossed Leaves Socks. Truly stunning pattern/yarn combination. Take a peek. She’s finished with her first sock and hopes to start the second one soon.

Angela Marie’s weekly Sock it to Me Sunday post is full of eye candy this week, as usual. She’s made lots of progress on her Dream Sock and Jaywalker.

Ruth is almost finished with the leg on her Slipped Stitch Rib Sock for her honey. How sweet! It’ even fits his leg well. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Though she doesn’t have photos yet, Anne has managed to finish some Regia Bamboo ankle socks, my RSC Solstice Slip socks, a pair of Wendy’s Eyelet Rib Socks. I hope I didn’t miss any.

And finally, Anna has an FO to show off to the world. She’s completed her Cross-Hatch Lace Socks, and they’re looking great! She also received her August Rockin’ Sock Club yarn. If you haven’t yet received yours, she has a great pic on her site.


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