You Stink, Otis!

She's adorable, but every now and then when the wind is blowing just so, and she's purring and climbing on your lap just so, you'll get a whiff of kitty bum. Not pleasant. She has one spot on the back of the couch that she always lays on, so back in November I made her this little square to lay on, out of some leftover Lion Jiffy. As you can see in this photo, she used it a lot, and it quickly got ratty.


So, I decided to make her a new one. This is sort of a mini-scrapghan. I used up a bunch if Lion Thick n' Quick (it's funny, when I first started crocheting again I loved this stuff, but on Sunday when I made this it really irritated me, and I really didn't like it).

6 one-third skeins of Thick n Quick
Hook so large it embarrasses me to admit to
Basic shell stitch pattern (3 dc in same st, sk 2 st, repeat)
Time to complete it: 1 hour. Yep, 1 hour.
Don't make something so open for a cat. She snags the hell out of it. When it's a tight stitch pattern you don't notice it as much. With this, it's really obvious and it irritates me a lot.


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