Weekend WIPS

I think I've finished most of what I plan to make for the craft fair on Saturday (5 days away, ugh). I have a cute selection of baby hats, lots of adult hats and scarves, a shrug, some dish cloths, some headbands, lots of purses and bags. I think it will be good.

Here's the newest installment of my cute baby hats. Here we have a bumblebee, which I think came out just adorable. The color in the top photo is more accurate. The only thing I will change in the future--instead of putting a big stinger on the head, I think I'll use two antanae instead. Regardless, I think it's damn cute.

And here we have a teddy bear hat. Also newborn/infant size. I think this one is adorable, too.

And yet another Paton's Divine Scarf. I bought 25 skeins of this when I first started crocheting again because it was on sale for $1/skein. I planned to make 2 ghans with it. I'm making one right now for a wedding gift. The other one would have been grays, purples, whites, pinks--pretty colors, all striped and lovely. I scrapped that idea and am just making scarves to get rid of the shit. I don't want to say that I hate it, but honestly I pretty much hate it. Come October I'll be pretty much done with all of it, thank God.

Hoping everyone else was productive this weekend and had a nice few days off from work.


Andy's Crafts said...
Monday, 10 September, 2007

The two hats are adorable, Busy weekend. I like the scarf too looks very nice and soft.

Deneen said...
Monday, 10 September, 2007

Ooh, they came out so darn cute-nice job April.

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